When Time Strips Away Everything—Sunday, November 20, 2016


Our family, in Battlement Mesa, came the other day, bringing with them only one grandchild.  The other two have developed into a teenager, with friends, and a tween with babysitting jobs.

fluffy-corndogsStill the little one loves to come.  There are many things she likes to do, here, on the farm

Like gathering cattails, which she calls: “Fluffy Corn dogs”.

“Come with me, Grammy! she called; practically vibrating with eagerness, to slip and slide down the hill, into the dried cattail area.

We walked over the hill to that special spot where the cattails stems brush lightly together in the gentle breeze.  She gathered many fluffy corn dogs breaking them open to fly away in the wind allowing the little cattail seed to caress the earth as they landed.

Time moves on…always.  As a parent/grandparent you look at each one of your children and your grandchild and wish with all your heart you could take away everything harmful and make their lives perfect.  But you know you mostly can’t–they have to do ‘it’, whatever ‘it’ is— by themselves.

But for this tiny moment of time I enjoyed the essence of life a grandchild brings.

From my world to your heart,




27 thoughts on “When Time Strips Away Everything—Sunday, November 20, 2016

  1. Linda, I hear ya. We have such a great time with our 4 grandkids when they come to visit. All four maybe once a year, but the closest two, more often. They keep getting taller and taller. Yikes. And now with winter beginning, I will have to step up my prayers for safe travel on icy, snowy, roads. May your winter be filled with the joy of visits from the grands and all kinds of nice, cozy times together!

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  2. Beautiful. A visit from a grandchild is precious indeed. I know how we want to protect our children from the pains of life. My favorite quote is from Rumi. “The wound is where the light enters”. Those wounds are where we learn empathy and compassion. Too bad we don’t without the wounds.

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  3. Just listened to the new Fredrick Backman story – short – sort of about a relationship between and grandfather and grandson. Heartbreakingly beautiful of course, but would resonate…

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