We Got a Marvelous Treat—Sunday, November 20, 2022

Our car club needed some special photos for the upcoming year of 2023

—100 years of

fun, exciting,

things in the City of Delta.

Well, Tom Howe,

has a 1923 Model T Ford,

he was gracious to say

(notice the missing letters—sigh)

we could take photos

of the cool car

for the 2023 Car Show

this coming summer. 

AND he would be willing

to have his car toured

around town

to feature special old and historic buildings on Main street.

There are three petals….

Lots of levers

And only three doors

The whole experience was

A huge blast!

People honked and waved at us

Drove next to us with big smiles

And thumbs up!

They graciously

Let us block the road

And stop traffic

While I got a large variety of photos!

What a huge!


And delightful adventure!

Thank you so much, Mr. Howe!!  Your car is stunning!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



A Mindy Adventure Story—Life Goes On, Friday, November 20, 2020

Chapter Three


After a good night’s sleep on my chair that I adore, I decided it was time to head outdoors.

Being inside is good, keeps me from getting cold feet, and cold fur, but I get tired of inside.


“Geez,” Dad exclaimed, getting up from his place by the woodstove. “What is it, Mindy?   Oh. You want out.  Okay, out you go.”

Out I went, running as fast as I could through the door, ear flat, tail flat.  Then I stopped.

It is cold still. Mist everywhere. Not only cold, damp.

Okay, that’s how it is…I’m not going back inside I need to go see if there are any mice anywhere.


I wonder about the hayfield.  I haven’t been there for several days.

Off I went, the mist just starting to burn off as the sun grew warmer.






What the heck…?


My goodness!  I looked all around me trying to figure out what I was hearing.


I looked up on top of the power pole


Oh! My Goodness…HAWK!

“Don’t worry, Cat.” The hawk yelled down to me. “I’m full.  I had breakfast a short while ago. I just heard the news. Boomer has left the farm for the Rainbow Bridge. Is that true?”

I sat down and peered up at the hawk who was peering down at me— “Yes, my wonderful friend, Boomer lives over the Rainbow Bridge now.” I answered.

“Gosh, this is sad news,” Hawk replied. “Sad news!

I used to see him checking out the news all over the farm.

We would visit sometimes.

Does Oreo know?

Or Freddy Fox?”

“I don’t know” I hollered back to Hawk…but, I’m thinking, if you know, then probably

Ruth the Owl,

Oreo the Skunk, and

Freddy and his family must all know.”


“Maybe so, Cat, Maybe so…I think I’m off to find out.”

I watch Hawk rise up and flap away.

Then just as suddenly Hawk was circling and


Not far from me.

I made to run.

“STOP CAT!  I just wondered one more thing.

Do the coyotes know.”

“Coyotes!  COYOTES? I don’t know, Hawk. I don’t know.”


With that, I ran as fast as I could toward the safety of the house. 


Toward DAD!

I Had to Get out of the open of that alfalfa field.

It was a Hard Time. A Bad Time, But all is Well Now —- Wednesday, November 20, 2019

A few weeks ago, I was bitten ON THE LIP, by a

Image result for red spider in colorado

Jumping Spider

I know it was a Jumping spider because I caught and killed it…gross thing.

It took me forever to over-come it.

First, my bottom lip looked like I had a Cold Sore…A HUGE Cold Sore!  Like HUGE!

The pain was like spear thrusts on my lip, in my gums, my tongue swelled…

Then the venom traveled into my nasal passages and my throat and my ear canal

It was like I had a cold, but not like a cold…it was horrible

After two weeks I had to go to the Doctor and get a shot. I just could not fight it anymore. Terry started to get worried, and to tell the truth, so did I.

Even after the shot, the left side of my face swelled up so much I looked like I had collagen shots on the left side of my face ONLY

The right side was as wrinkled as before, BUT with the big fat left side, it looked even more wrinkled 🙂

Then the headaches started, and the earache, plus the continued running nose.

But, actually, by that point (two weeks ago)  I was feeling better and

knew I wouldn’t be whirling away with the spirits of the dead.

So…………..today I can say only my ear pain is left…and it is diminishing.

What a long process!  But I made it!

(And I didn’t let it get me — I still went for walks, took photos, had company, bought groceries and continued the best I could with long, long naps in-between—it’s been a haul, but I’m here now. YAY! )

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


Dazzle—Tuesday, November 20, 2018


One of new [of many] passions is trying to get photos of birds

I am sunstruck with these amazing creatures with wings

I love how they sail over our heads often times silently where we never ever see them because we never look up

There they are in the air rushing in different directions

Into the void called wonder!

From my world to your heart,


In the First Shadows of Early Morning—-Monday, November 20, 2017

Early, early Saturday morning we took a ride into the Escalante-Dominquez Wilderness just a few miles from our farm

Map of Dominguez-Escalante National Conservation Area

We wanted to see the new bridge the county put in by The Escalante Cattle Company Ranch and then to find where the old bridge was moved.

Of course Terry didn’t want to take the ‘regular’ road 🙂

Stopping on top of a huge knobby hill we took a walk here and there

Looking upon this land where the shadows seem to dance unfettered

Across timeless vistas

And there below…the Gunnison River moving ever toward the joining of the Colorado River at Grand Junction, Colorado.

Not far from us…just over there….

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



When Time Strips Away Everything—Sunday, November 20, 2016


Our family, in Battlement Mesa, came the other day, bringing with them only one grandchild.  The other two have developed into a teenager, with friends, and a tween with babysitting jobs.

fluffy-corndogsStill the little one loves to come.  There are many things she likes to do, here, on the farm

Like gathering cattails, which she calls: “Fluffy Corn dogs”.

“Come with me, Grammy! she called; practically vibrating with eagerness, to slip and slide down the hill, into the dried cattail area.

We walked over the hill to that special spot where the cattails stems brush lightly together in the gentle breeze.  She gathered many fluffy corn dogs breaking them open to fly away in the wind allowing the little cattail seed to caress the earth as they landed.

Time moves on…always.  As a parent/grandparent you look at each one of your children and your grandchild and wish with all your heart you could take away everything harmful and make their lives perfect.  But you know you mostly can’t–they have to do ‘it’, whatever ‘it’ is— by themselves.

But for this tiny moment of time I enjoyed the essence of life a grandchild brings.

From my world to your heart,