Through the Snow and Rain and Snow and Rain—-Tuesday—November 22, 2016


Our weather has been a tad wet side lately.  Snow and rain, then snow and rain again.  Although, the snow is not here, it is surrounding us on all the mountains and the lower mountain towns: Paonia, Crawford, and Cedaredge.

So….I decided to put up our Christmas tree and decorations.  This year I dug out the white tree and sorted through all my lights and ornaments trying for a white on white look.  Terry said it didn’t turn out too bad. ( He was afraid they would all blend together.)

I’ll try a night photo next…for daylight I think it turned out fine.




27 thoughts on “Through the Snow and Rain and Snow and Rain—-Tuesday—November 22, 2016

  1. Dear Coloradofolks!! Linda, tree already?? I thought that christmas was a very tight business in the US, putting up decorations only very close to christmas day!!! And hi ho, don’t you use real trees, there seem to be plenty in the vincinity…Terry could be handy with the axe….
    .However, it looks very nice and shiny, do you have other colours as well??? From my earliest childhood I kept that strong conviction that only real, smelling and littering trees comes into the house and are decorated the 23th of december. We do have arguments on that every year from the girls. Especially number one, now 17, that started playing christmas tunes 3 weeks ago!!!! NONONO!!! But I do hope to see more and vivid ways of celebrating the greatest of seasons from you and other bloggerfriends, thank you, I’ll be back on sunday for my Advent Sunday-post. Blessings!!!

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    • Christmas type trees are only grown as ornamentals here or wild in the mountains whereby you can purchase a permit to cut one down per size. Or you can purchase a life/almost dead tree from a tree vender.
      I prefer my artificial tree so I don’t cut down a live one. and I can put it up at any time I want to put it up and it won’t drop needles everywhere. So yes I have my fake tree up and it’s before Thanksgiving. Christmas is my most favorite of holidays, therefore I get to enjoy it for a long time.

      I hope your Christmas is a good one, Solveig! Thank you for stopping by!


      • I was only joking and you do have a point!! In Sweden we have lots of those trees, they grow in large plantations just for christmas. After Christmas they are either used for fire in fireplaces or goes to some factory for processing. My mother has had a plastic tree for years, she is a bit allergic and also too old to carry home a tree. I am glad you enjoy the holiday so much and glad you can hold on to it . I must admit that the tree tree is only nice the first week or two, then it grows grey, and dusty and the needles fall off in heaps.
        I would be nice to see the other decorations you use, how about outdoors?? We have neighbours scaring the living daylight of the deers by enlightening the entire garden and some of the forest around. A bit too much I’d say.
        I like your white tree, as long as the cats don’t harass it and Boomer don’t have to hunt squirrels in it, it really is bright and nice. For sure!!! I’m sorry if I sounded rude in my comment!!
        I may reconsidder my stubborn point of view, we’ll see.
        I hope your Christmas will be merry and blessed, and eventually, white!

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  2. My Christmas tree is even more minimal than yours – it’s white too, but it’s like a tiny bare white birch tree, with fiberoptic branches, so the end of each twig is a twinkling light, and the colours change in cycles. I can understand wanting a bit of cheer if your weather is miserable, and it may be early, but if it makes you happy, keep it up all year!

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  3. I’ve never had a white tree but yours is quite lovely and the lights make it more so. Mine will come out of storage on Friday which will be dry for a while. We have rain and more rain. No outside for me. Except to get the mail. I like putting up my tree as early as possible to enjoy it as long as possible. It’s a lot of work. Artificial is easier for an old woman to handle alone. Fewer worries and no pine pitch. The tree gets you in the mood, doesn’t it? 😉

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