Blessings—-Wednesday, November 23, 2016


My blessing (anyway)

The earth and the sky

My destiny, of which I am still learning of daily

The sounds all around; creaking, flapping, sighing

rainThe hard brilliant lights of silver stars, and the shining of the moon in black velvet shadows

Plus all the people—family and friends who fill my life!

I am most blessed.


With heartfelt thanks,



23 thoughts on “Blessings—-Wednesday, November 23, 2016

  1. You always say something that strikes me. It interests you that you are still learning of and searching for your destiny. I don’t put it in those words very often, or connect the dots quite so clearly, but I struggle with that too. And what you’ve reminded me of here is that it is ongoing struggle that we all deal with. Thank you, Linda.

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    • You are learning this so much younger than I did. Here I am in my 60’s and you are still young with growing children. Striving to ‘be’ is hard and easy all at the same time. Love you!


  2. Amen. We are all so very blessed, if only we’d stop looking at what isn’t in our lives and take a good, honest look at what is. You most certainly are a blessing in my life.
    Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

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  3. Have a very happy Thanksgiving! Every day, I look forward to seeing a look at the beautiful country I grew up in and am so far away from. Your post in a blessing to me……..helps to ease the homesickness. Many blessings upon you and and your family this Thanksgiving.

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