SAMMMMY! Kitty Kitty! —Thursday, December 22, 2016

huhSAMMY!  Where are you?

“Huh?!  What do you want, Mom?”  Meow!

Oh, there you are.

Come here! Let’s go outside.

It’s Christmas time!  I want you to say Merry Christmas to everyone.


“You are NOT going to get me to look at that camera ,with this stupid hat on.  I don’t care if it is Christmas or not!”

Oh, Sam-sam.  Look up, Please!  Just this once!

Okay!  It is what it is!

Merry Christmas from Sam-Sam.  🙂



16 thoughts on “SAMMMMY! Kitty Kitty! —Thursday, December 22, 2016

  1. …and a Merry Christmas to you Sam. Say now, you might suggest that the
    Yule Lid be placed on another member of the family. … maybe Boomer. Bet he’ll
    face the camera ! Tell Mum thanks for posting.


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