The God(s) Listened, and Gave Joy — Tuesday, December 22, 2020

I love feeding the birds.

Each season brings such joy

Watching the birds. ūüôā

I suppose it comes with grey hair, and a face lined from passing years

But doing so…feeding and watching the birds.

Helps me see the earth as new and fresh each day.

(This young Red-Winged Blackbird is delighted with this find)

They bring a precious bit of luxury to everyone’s life

Not only to the birds, with the food; to my heart, mind, and soul observing them.

From my world to your heart,


SAMMMMY! Kitty Kitty! —Thursday, December 22, 2016

huhSAMMY!  Where are you?

“Huh?! ¬†What do you want, Mom?” ¬†Meow!

Oh, there you are.

Come here! Let’s go outside.

It’s Christmas time! ¬†I want you to say Merry Christmas to everyone.


“You are NOT going to get me to look at that camera ,with this stupid hat on. ¬†I don’t care if it is Christmas or not!”

Oh, Sam-sam.  Look up, Please!  Just this once!

Okay!  It is what it is!

Merry Christmas from Sam-Sam. ¬†ūüôā



Yesterday’s Song—-Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Yesterday, we were married 48 years. 48 years, almost a half-a-century.  How wild is that?


A wonderful and dear, dear friend told me (on her 54 wedding anniversary): “When you get to this place in life, and you look back over the years; you realize that there are some wonderful years, some terribly horrible years, some ho-hum years, some “this can’t be happening years”. ¬†Then when¬†you bunch them all together. ¬†Once bunched together you realize that all the years put together make a very nice life”.

You know she was right!

48-YearsI so believe that each day we are alive is a wonderful gift—no matter what happens tomorrow.

Thank you, my blog friends, for being along on this ride of Terry’s and my¬†lives here on a western Colorado farm.

With much love and appreciation,


Sarah–Monday, December 22, 2014

Friday, we got a call for help from one of Terry’s friends. ¬†Rick is a middle-aged bachelor who lives a mile and half from us and was sick —- with what he thought was the flu.

To make a long story short we got him to the hospital where they operated and started treatment, he was doing much better when he developed pneumonia and then had a massive stroke. It’s been a rather long weekend of worry and concern here.

At the time of this writing he is in Grand Junction at Saint Mary’s Hospital surrounded by his two sisters.


I have Sarah. ¬†Sarah hates the camera so I haven’t been able to get a very good photo of her. ¬†Sarah is very stressed out, but adjusting to our way of life.

CompanyBoomer has had a great time running and playing with Sarah. The only thing Boomer doesn’t like is if Sarah gets too close to me…then he turns into a Jealous Jelly Bean of a dog. ¬†Meaning he WILL TAKE ON SARAH…which is NOT GOOD!

Sarah is a man’s dog, this has helped. ¬†She has enjoyed going and doing things with Terry and will always, always, go to him and give him the first welcoming kiss or her front paw.

But Sarah isn’t ours.

Rick was keeping Sarah for a friend who was out-of-town.  Ken is back home now and will be coming out around 10:00 a.m. to take Sarah home.

It’s been rather fun for Boomer to have running and sniffing companion and someone to share walks with…it hasn’t been fun for the cats since Sarah LOVE TO CHASE CATS!


My heart goes out to Rick and his family. ¬†I am pleased that Sarah will have her human back, although she adored Rick, even slept on the bed with him. ¬†I’m glad Boomer had a dog friend for awhile. ¬†I have this belief that the perfect dog,¬†which¬†Boomer likes and fits into our family complete with cats will show up.

Oh a brighter note I Thank Each and Everyone of you for your thoughts and well wishes on our Anniversary yesterday.  You gave us a very bright spot in this rather gloomy time!

Your friend,






Sunday, December 22, 2013

Yesterday Terry and I celebrated our 46th Anniversary! ¬†Four more years and it will be the big 5 0! ¬†My how time has flown! ¬†Like a very wonderful lady told me sometime back-‘there are good years and there are bad years, but as the years go by and you look back they are all wonderful years.’

So true!  So very true.


Our house is growing icicles–we have been that cold here. ¬†Warm up a tad, melt a little, cool down –bam! Icicles!


For our honeymoon we went to Monte Visa, Colorado…not because it was this special romantic place, because there was the potential of a job opportunity there.


Terry was working at Holly Sugar and Coors Elevator when we got married.  Mr. McCart told Terry there was going to a job opening at Monte Vista in January.  Since Terry was on his long change-over at Holly and McCart gave Terry three days off we decided to drive to Monte Vista and see if we liked the country, what the housing situation was like, and if we could live there.

What I remember the most about Monte Visa was how cold it was…the icicles were from roof to ground and thick as my arm. ¬†Cold was an understatement. ¬†We had purchased a trailer house so we looked into the cost of parking it and other things. ¬†That night we stayed at a motel whose windows looked right into the drive in theater…the rooms were complete with a speaker to the movie. ¬†Of course it was winter so no movie that night. ūüôā

The next morning our car didn’t want to start…it was just way too cold. ¬†Gradually we got the car going and headed home. ¬†On the way back we decided to take our chances at home. In the end it worked out perfectly…Terry and I purchased a farm, he got a great job with the local power company as a lineman and I picked up work here and there until the kids started coming. ¬†Then I didn’t work until they were all in school.

My Mother was a great one for trying to ‘control’ outcomes and create positive experiences. ¬†A couple of years before she died she started saying: “Everything works out for the best, if you will just let it”. ¬†One day, not long before she left this earth she told me that she knew that the major thing she was supposed to learn in this life was to –work toward the good, then leave it alone. ¬†“It will work out for the best, if you just let it.”

Looking back on that up and down time of getting established, finding work, paying bills and just plain living, she was so right…It did work out for the best.


Sometimes things get a little wonky (like this icicle) but who cares! ¬†46 years and counting! That’s really cool in and of itself.

Your friend on a Western Colorado farm,