In the Midst of Babel—Tuesday, December 27, 2016

(Some of the photos below are not current, but they spoke to me, as I wrote this post — I have chosen to share them with you.)


I love summer, there isn’t anything about Spring, Summer or Fall that I don’t like—nothing.

Geese3Absolutely nothing!


Now, when it comes to winter, I struggle.  Still there are things that bring me peace–the babel of the winter birds; the air alive with their voices,  the setting and rising sun

end-of-day-002A walk on the farm, even in the face of a full force gale—

Moon in Januarywalking in the light of a winter moon, or even when the sky is only full of frozen pinpoints of starlight.

Winter-2(This is an old photo—we have no snow here yet)

Even the heavy snow upon the land has a way of lifting the soul.


In winter I enjoy those things that lighten my soul…just like in spring, summer and fall—those things that come alive within me and lighten the long, long days.

Winter-storm-1Those things that say I am home.

From my world to your heart!


22 thoughts on “In the Midst of Babel—Tuesday, December 27, 2016

  1. It was lovely reading and sharing your thoughts Linda.
    “Those things that say you are home” … definitely, I know the feeling.
    We’ve been back home for a whole year now after having been forced to abandon it for 2 years in order to get peace back in our lives.
    I do know the feeling. The same birds stayed there, all the little lizards still at home in their little chinks in the footpaths, our garden survived and peace reigns in our street once more.
    Your beautiful post certainly touched my heart, thank you. Sue :D)

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  2. That moon shot is wonderful… Even though we only have two true seasons, the Wet and the Dry, I have some fellow feeling. The Dry is lovely, the temperatures are moderate, it’s easier to sleep as it’s cool at night, and the humidity is lower. But the Wet has its own beauty: the vividness of the storms, their clouds and the lightning, the wealth of water to restore the land and make things shoot out of the ground, the little creatures that love the wet and sing loudly about it, and of course, the flowers, brilliantly coloured and everywhere. Not so much the mould, the soaring humidity and the enervating heat, though… 🙂

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