That Incredible Wonderful Moon—Sunday, January 15, 2017


In a rather desperate search for a full moon photo—I kept waking-up off and on throughout two nights searching for a time the moon was not covered in clouds.

moon-and-rings-through-theWaiting (but not very patiently) hoping for that single wonderful photo.

ring-around-the-moonGradually the clouds parted, the stars singing loudly in the long, long night

finally-janaurys-full-moon Moonbeams shattered the mist fill land and melted into a cold silver and blue light.

While Boomer checked things — I stood in the shadow moonbeams and ghostly clouds.

From my world to your heart!


36 thoughts on “That Incredible Wonderful Moon—Sunday, January 15, 2017

  1. HI Linda and all there . Incredible photos all of them, I love the one behind the trees..and can picture you and Boomer out there in that soft light..clouds passing in that no time zone..of love. Thank you for waiting so patiently…and MUCH LOVE to you all from Bart my rescue kitty, and Peter my small Parrot and Hannah our dove and me too…love Merri


  2. Such beautiful moon shots! It’s nice to be able to be out on your own property in ‘the middle of the night’ — you and Boomer to guard you! You had a birthday!? Happy happy — I remember your posting about your big becoming a senior citizen birthday (was it last year?) . Not sure how I remember that when I can barely remember how old I am myself.


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