That Lovely Wild Shifting Light—Monday, January 23, 2017

getting-ready-to-split-woodAlthough we have storms, and melt, and wind, and rain….the outside work still goes on.

gatheringThe transient cool morning air, bright as crystal’s some mornings

homeFrigid, shadowed and mysterious at night

mudThe rain streaming through thick and gray clouds changes the earth from white to deep dark brown.

blue-skiesThen the glow of chilly blue skies filled our minds with sunshine


Until a breeze, more like wind,


comes up and whirls the falling snow into a twirling madness

stormThen the light is gray and secretive.  Filling our world with silence.

From my world to your heart,



20 thoughts on “That Lovely Wild Shifting Light—Monday, January 23, 2017

  1. I love how you work together and have such a glorious place to work in harmony like that with no bosses, no one telling ou when to work, when to take a break nothing..just a business you love..God’s business. It reminds me so much of our business in Chicago the dental business mom dad and I ran, and then the resort which we bought after that in ELY and ran together 55 years. same as you do..working to help the world, by helping people.No bosses just us..together each doing our part in it…..we all are truly blessed to experience this kind of work I think because most people are seeking their hearts. Blessings to your loving day Merri Bart Peter and Hannah last three pets.. and LOVE TO BOOMER ..well I guess he might be considered a boss huh?

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