A Wee Update—-Wednesday, March 29, 2017

We went down to see how much fire damage happened on Davis’ Ranch, in the bottom of the Robidoux.   Here is where the fire started…where the campfire was.

What a mess.  Acres and acres of scorched land.

Since that time we have had some rain…not bunches, but some, so I’m thinking it will start to green up again.  As for the loss of the trees….well, not much can be done about it, but cut them down for firewood.

Mr. Davis was up talking with Terry yesterday; all the animals were gotten out of the way in time.  “Sure is a sorry mess,” he said.

I agree.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



24 thoughts on “A Wee Update—-Wednesday, March 29, 2017

  1. Don’t cut them yet! You’d be surprised how many of the trees around here lived and are green after the fire came through (dispite what some said). Some didn’t make it, of course. But the trees of the Robidoux just might tend to have deeper roots than our Ponderosas… And just might surprise everyone. The canyon floor & fields will green up fast with the spring rain. 🙂
    We have ice and snow this morning ~ it’s moisture! So I’ll take it!

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    • We are all hoping that will be the case also. So many trees were on fire! They had to be sawed down and then covered with water to put the fires out. The whole heart of some trees burned and burned…sad.


  2. It’s sad to see the burned area on the ranch, but I am glad you got at least some rain. Mother Nature will soon bounce back as far as grasses are concerned, but it will take a while for new trees to grow.l Sad!

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  3. Thank you for the update; I went back and read the first fire post again — nothing more t be said than what I said there. I’m so sorry. Is he going to prosecute, or did they even ever find outwho set it? I hope at least some of the trees recover.

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    • I think they know who the man was…what Mr. Davis does or the law I don’t know at this point. When we had the three fires (set by other people) their insurance took care of a portion of the damage.


  4. Grrrr! He should be tied to a tree and a fire set around him. See how he likes that… You can’t just pick up your animals and land and transport them out of danger (well, not the land, anyway). At the very least he should be forced to work there to help restore things as reparation.

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  5. Some people, Linda, just shouldn’t be let loose in the countryside,
    especially city slickers, high rise apartment town people – these
    are the ones who REALLY think that food just miraculously appears
    on supermarket shelves!
    Trespassing and then lighting a fire to cook some bloody spuds.
    Really!! Not even responsible enough to watch a fire in the OPEN
    and where obviously cattle are pastured.
    And you report above in a reply – “Some town people feel sorry for him”.!!!
    I don’t and I hope he is prosecuted for his stupidity to the maximum.

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  6. During our years in Wyoming each season saw out of control springtime fires–ranchers burning over the irrigation ditches. Summer brought the raging fires in the mountains, visible at night over many miles. A sad and helpless feeling.

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