The Moon as Slender as a Fingernail Clipping—Thursday, March 30, 2017

The rains came and went…although we have a promise of more rains to come tomorrow.

Past dark the sounds are only those sounds of night….an owl hooting, coyotes yapping over a kill, dogs barking in alarm; a warning of the coyotes

Although there is no sound of the worked up soil on the farm — it won’t be long until we start water on the ground

Then the farm ground will be alive with the sound of water running down the furrows; back into the canal to water the next farm

The outbuildings, barns, chicken house, even the fences creak and talk to themselves as they settle into the night…just like old houses do.

The clouds were whisked away in the wind…leaving us with a spring day. Everything feeling fresh, new, crisp…like sheets dried on the clothesline.

Morning dawned lite up the snow, on the Paonia mountain range, with vivid colorsIt’s possible to leave things behind—-stuff, people, good and bad memories, but places…the second you are at that spot again everything comes back…who you are, who you were, when you were there…how life once was.

This is my world…the who of who I am, the what of what I am…the essence of myself.

From my world to your heart,



14 thoughts on “The Moon as Slender as a Fingernail Clipping—Thursday, March 30, 2017

    • I often wonder why some people say that farmers are clod-hoppers, that farmers don’t know or do anything of great worth, that life on a farm is nothing, going nowhere, just boring, the watching of weeds. Because when I’m working or walking on the farm, or sitting dreaming on a rock…I see ever so much more.


  1. Beautiful, Linda! You and Terry are so very lucky. You see the land around you change and glow with all the special things that most would never seek out nor know exist. It’s special.

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    • Sometimes I think I am the most lucky person in the whole world…although, I know others feel the same way. So when I think that way I feel blessed to join the crowd!


  2. PS
    We too were ravished by the new moon – we got home late from Auckland, and as we walked down the drive, there was that glorious crescent just hovering above the mountain just before sinking below. We too took a picture !

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