Last Tie Standing—-Sunday, May 7, 2017

Saturday afternoon Terry and I headed back over to the equipment area to finish ‘re-arranging the implements’ AND to take down the LAST post left over from our corrals.

There it was!  The last railroad tie standing!

I was very excited!  This is the FINAL railroad tie I need to finish up my new circle garden!

Terry hooked up the chain, I drove the tractor …  plop!

There is was…from railroad tie, to corral post; now it’s new life in my yard!


Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



29 thoughts on “Last Tie Standing—-Sunday, May 7, 2017

  1. Your sky looks the same as ours did now this early evening. Colder weather??? I am so glad that your garden is getting ready , railroadtiles are good to have but here they say that there is led in those tiles, that is why many have taken them out from their gardens. Perhaps that goes only for very old tiles, I honestly don’t know but we talked about it today. I wouldn’t want your garden to be spoiled, Linda!!! You work so very very hard, it’s a pleasure to see how it grows and you love your farm!!!

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  2. toadully unrelated to posts and yard/farm werk (tho’ we’re dewwin a liddle t’day between rain showers) –> did you go watch your grandson at a track meet yesterday? (I “worked” that meet) and had my “2 minutes of fame” to start off the event with the nat’l anthem …

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      • when the meet(s) begin (9 a.m. this time) there is/are usually only a few spectator/parents/family/whoever — as the meet is not really underway ’til later. I was a long-jump helper, over at the SW corner … may have seen your grandson runnin’ the longer races — GrandValley, blond hair?

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        • Yep! We were rather locked up with work that day. We are one of the few who get there super early….the better to see everything. 🙂 I thought maybe you preformed for the Anthem!

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  3. J > So easy when you’ve got a tractor. And ground level and even enough to be safe to use one. All posts here go in by hand. And out by the same. !

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