Moving Along in a Orderly Fashion—Thursday, May 7, 2020

In the early morning light —first thing first is the changing of the irrigation water

The last field of corn Terry finished Mormon creasing….(knocking down the dirt over the tops of the little seeds trying to push their way through the soil)

Since the first field has popped up it won’t be long before this field is covered with little green baby corn

In just two or three days’ time!  Isn’t nature amazing?

Everything planted now but one field.  Just one. And that one will be after the first cutting of hay

Step-by-step the hours’ pass

Moving out of late winter, (when nothing seems to happen and life can be a tedious routine) on we go into early spring; one task leading into another task, now we are in the middle of Spring

With irrigation the constant motion of farm, crops and for the farmer(s) 🙂

Forward into each day–all steps ordered, giving a lightness and freedom to each of us

Perhaps, God—yours and mine and all of ours—whispering loudly for all to hear

Life is Good, Sing Loudly to the Heavens so all can hear!

From my heart to your world,


Pastures —- Tuesday, May 7, 2019

The pastures are looking very nice this year.

Terry is creating new ones and refurbishing old ones

Yesterday, he planted a mix of grass and alfalfa seed in a whole new area

And covered a huge scar up at the Upper End with more rich grass seed.

Spring is holding steady full of the sound of humming bees and the smell of rich green lushness.

Terry is saying often now…how much he is enjoying putting into reality some of the dreams and plans he has had for the ‘rest of the farm’.  🙂

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


The Dazzling Luster of Each and Every Day—-Monday, May 7, 2018

The big fluffy clouds fill the sky, white and airy, casting shadows on the ground as a high winds slowly, ever so slowly herds them along from one spot to another.

The long and soft shadows move slowly over the grasses, and the irrigated fields

The dirt slowly absorbing the flowing water, turning dry soil into wet

The days start early, always by first light, the sun gradually lighting the farms, mesas, plateaus, hills, dales, knobs, and subdivisions…the cold air damp on the weeds and grasses this time of day, this time of year.

It’s very dry here.  Dry enough farmers and ranchers are extremely worried.  The Forest Service as issued statements saying no cows are allowed on the Forests this year (and if there are some long-time permits being honored…its only for a limited number of cattle.)

When one or more farmer gathers the talk is always about water.  Those farmers in the Cedaredge/Eckert area are stating there is very little water for them this year.  Very little.

Tiny amounts of water.

Terry talked to our Ditch Rider (Uncompahgre Valley Water Users)  and he says we will have water. It will be short, but there will be water. (Our water comes from Taylor Park Reservoir around the Crested Butte area, then into the Blue Mesa Reservoir, through the Black Canyon then on to us….winding it’s way from here all the way through the Colorado River to California.)

Our day ends as the daylight finally thins way after the sun sets around 8:15 or so.  Long shadows filling the lessening day until only night remains.

Long days.  But a good way of living.  Neither Terry or I could ever ask for more.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


Last Tie Standing—-Sunday, May 7, 2017

Saturday afternoon Terry and I headed back over to the equipment area to finish ‘re-arranging the implements’ AND to take down the LAST post left over from our corrals.

There it was!  The last railroad tie standing!

I was very excited!  This is the FINAL railroad tie I need to finish up my new circle garden!

Terry hooked up the chain, I drove the tractor …  plop!

There is was…from railroad tie, to corral post; now it’s new life in my yard!


Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


Then in Rained–Thursday, May 7, 2015

river.jpgYep.  Just after I finished posting to the blog, the heaven’s opened up and poured.

And poured

Then poured some more.  Our driveway turned into a river.

The events yesterday seemed to match the weather,

  • our mailbox was damaged (immature Jr. High damage…easily fixed, but still)
  • one of our cell phones was pick up/stolen (we put a stop on the number)
  • A load coming from a semi to our tuck damaged the tail gate (Terry said it can be fixed)
  • our car developed a need to never go down the road again (sigh)
  • It rained off and on all night

But as the soggy, miserable, cold day wore on

  • we purchased a new mailbox, turned the damage into the Sheriff and the post office, and put the new mail box up.  🙂
  • Late, late in the day our cell phone was turned into one of the store clerks where the phone was taken lost–today I will have it it re-instated.  Turning the ability to off to use it helped, I do believe.
  • The tail gate damage is on the inside of the truck, not the outside.  It will be a repair, but not a obvious one
  • The car has an appointment to get fixed on Friday—Alan says he can do the job without too much trouble.
  • A beautiful basket of flowers were delivered to our house for Mother’s DayBullock-Orieo
  • I have about 8 humming birds now and two pair of Bullock OriolesClose
  • The Orange-banded Bumble Bees are out and about
  • The sun is here this morning, the little birds started chirping and singing the sun up at first light—I sang with them!

There is joy all around!

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,