A Mighty Wind Doth Come—Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Yesterday turned into a swirling, twirling, vibrated dust storm.  The wind so sudden and ferocious it was hard to breathe.

All afternoon, in huge waves, of gusting wind the dirt, sticks, and particles flew in the air pelleting us.

Terry and I were in the pinto bean field working on the new farm road connecting one field to another field when our daughter came striding up the back road from her house to where we were working.

Oh! My! Goodness!

We hurried back to her house with her…


What a mess!

We worked until dark, cutting and hauling and cleaning.  There is much more to do, but the damage is mostly cosmetic…THANKFULLY!  Two small holes in the roof and the damage to the front of the porch.

Another project…oh well.  No one was hurt .  Thankfully!

We just pick everything up and move on!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



42 thoughts on “A Mighty Wind Doth Come—Tuesday, May 16, 2017

  1. Good grief! What a clean up job. I’m grateful your daughter wasn’t hurt & the house still stands.What a clean up job. Two wks ago there was a wind storm like that here. I spent a day cleaning up all the broken branches from my lilacs bushes (8 to 15 ft. high) & my dogwoods. I’m in awe of all you two do. Sandy

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  2. So sorry! Really dislike when the winds blow like that! Bad enough for the blowing dirt without having trees breaking and damaging stuff. We’re having winds up to 50 mph this afternoon here. So glad DD wasn’t hurt.

    Take care….Blessings!

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  3. Bother! The unexpected mess and fussing around when a tree just can’t take the wind anymore. I had it happen several years ago 3 times at the house, always a pain, we too were fortunate that the damage was mostly cosmetic, other than the fence of the dog yard. I’d still rather have the trees around. I’m glad it was mostly clean up for you.

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  4. We had two trees come down in London when we lived there, one took out the garage roof and the garden fence. The neighbour it belonged to was not insured which was an added joy. Another one blew over on Christmas Eve and we had to cut it down properly before it came through our roof. Now we have moved to the country and we have no trees near us, although we have splendid news.

    I was in Arizona 50 years ago as a child, my father was in the British Army and was in the USA in the 1960s as a liaison officer. He spent a couple of weeks on a guided missile course in New Mexico and came up to have look, a beautiful part of the world.

    Glad no one was hurt.

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  5. Wow!!! That looks downright scary. I love the shade of trees but always worry about those close to the house. She is so lucky in so many ways. And her dad is very handy. 🙂 Another hitch in the day but everyone was safe and sound.

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  6. J & D > We know how you feel! However, strangely, it’s one of those things which, in learning to come to terms with, to accept as reality, we learn to shape our lives around, to accommodate. We don’t get mad. We just get on with it. Our bond with the land and all that makes it special gets stronger.

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