Talk to the Stars—-Wednesday, May 16, 2018

So do you talk to the stars?

Sometimes I do…they are so beautiful, so amazing, so glittering, so vast.

Sometimes I stand on the ditch bank…my arms flung wide and tell our farm…how beautiful it is.

Even after a long day of working in my yard, helping with the irrigation, cleaning the house, painting fences…when the pain in my arms and back almost blind me

I still feel the most profound gift of this amazing place where Terry and I live.

Sometimes the breathtaking life surrounding us –is like a spell… The bats flitting in the gathering gloom, the last of the Barn Swallows feeding on the mosquitoes, the stars just starting to appear in the darkening heavens, the soil thriving and growing plants, the plants forming from little seeds,

It all weaves a pattern, like a spell.

From my world to your heart,




A Mighty Wind Doth Come—Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Yesterday turned into a swirling, twirling, vibrated dust storm.  The wind so sudden and ferocious it was hard to breathe.

All afternoon, in huge waves, of gusting wind the dirt, sticks, and particles flew in the air pelleting us.

Terry and I were in the pinto bean field working on the new farm road connecting one field to another field when our daughter came striding up the back road from her house to where we were working.

Oh! My! Goodness!

We hurried back to her house with her…


What a mess!

We worked until dark, cutting and hauling and cleaning.  There is much more to do, but the damage is mostly cosmetic…THANKFULLY!  Two small holes in the roof and the damage to the front of the porch.

Another project…oh well.  No one was hurt .  Thankfully!

We just pick everything up and move on!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



A New Storm Comes In—Monday, May 16, 2016

New-Storm-2After a time of warm a new storm arrived on a stiff breeze, almost wind.


The wind was fragrant full of green things growing, moisture in the clouds and the sharp tang of Chico’s and Rabbit Brush.

It’s cold today, with scattered sighting of sunshine.  The gift of moisture and life!