The Waning Moon—Thursday, May 25, 2017

Last night was a beautiful night, full of stars and a slender sickle of moon;  rising slowly; leaving behind the curve of the earth

Gradually lifting itself from behind the trees and the glow of the earth’s atmosphere.

Terry was working so Boomer, Mindy and I walked early.

I like to rest on one of Terry’s farm implements, for a spell. Away from the moon shadows cast by trees, leaves, buildings—there I lean soaking up the silver light of the moon.

On quiet nights my mind fancies the Old Ones walk the land… sometimes I think I can see and feel them, other times there is nothing there; only the wind stirring the leaves of the growing crops.

Oh well…so it is.

From my world to your heart,



18 thoughts on “The Waning Moon—Thursday, May 25, 2017

  1. Beautiful. I often think of the “Old Ones” as well. Or as Louis L’Amour called them, “Those who went before.” I do think they are around us, especially on such nights as you described.

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  2. J > The Old Ones in Uist are the people who inhabited these islands long before history began – long before even the coming of the Vikings. Perhaps they were Picts. Back then the land stretched much much further out to the west, and now only a narrow strip of their fertile coastal farmland now survives – known as the machair. Prevailing winds here are from the west and south-west, perhaps also north-west. It’s said here that any west facing windows and doors should be shut by sunset, otherwise the spirits of the old ones – an t-sheanair will drift into the house and disturb your sleep, as they offload the troubles of their lives onto the living. The significance of ancestors varies so much from one culture to another, and through time.

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