A Mystic Exaltation—Sunday, July 9, 2017

The mail arrived yesterday….all the way from the other side of the United States…a land of warm sunshine and lots of rain, a land where the countryside is enameled green and lush.

The package was very unexpected.

And heavy!

I opened it excitedly to find

A note wrapped around a rock!

The note reads: “Hi Linda,  The instant I saw this heart rock, washed up out of the farm road by all the rain, I knew it was for you.   Best wishes, Marianne”.

Removing the note I saw this amazing heart shaped rock, wrapped with a gold ribbon!

What a wonderful gift!  A chord of music sent from her mountain, a timeless enchantment; adding magic to my day.

Thank you, Marianne!  I have placed this jewel in my rock display, complete with your note!

Because of this great and delightful world of the internet I can also share with you, the same heart sparkling all the way from here to there!

From my world to your heart,



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