The Adventures of Mindy on Friday—-Farm Life Series 1, We are a Farm, Friday, July 9, 2021

Well, since you don’t really listen to me, or take my advice—yes,

I have seen you clear out by the Butler Bins—-you need to get this through your fluffy head…



there is a fox out there!

Fox EAT CATS!!!!

 Let that sink in…STAY. AT. The. Butler BINS!!!

Huff, huff.

Well, on with your lesson.  We live on a farm.  We don’t live in town, or in a clump of houses called a sub-division, or on a ranch.

We live where Dad works the land—plowing, planting, marking, watering, growing, and then harvesting.

Farms grow foodstuffs.

A Ranch grows Grass.  Grass called Pasture. Pasture lands for animals.

Not us…yes, I know we are animals.

Big animals, cows, horses, sheep, goats, those sorts of animals.

Oh! Just so you know.  Come winter, after the crops are gone from the farm, then cows come. They eat up all the dried-up grasses and weeds and alfalfa, and left-over corn stalks.

“Are we a ranch then?”

“No, we are a guest hotel for a rancher and all his cows” I replied.

So, now you know, we live on a farm. We grow pasture grasses, alfalfa; three big fields of alfalfa, which Dad and Mom turn into hay, and corn.  The corn is field corn, not sweet corn.  Although, the cows think it is pretty sweet and yummy.

Our corn is the kind of corn that goes for food like cereal, and food for animals; like chickens, cows, goats, etc.”

Okay, so now you know…we live on a farm.

Next time I will teach you more about the farm.

Until then you stay out of the cornfield, there are foxes in there!

Mindy Lou-Sue, or as Mom calls me, Min-Min

The Heat of Summer is Here—Thursday, July 9, 2020

A wee tiny bird (I think might be a Starling) is living out it’s beginning life, in a hollow of a limb of the tree in our yard

At the Upper End, we have pheasants. Delightful birds

Over by the equipment area, I saw a fun courting couple

Then on the back road going to the Back Forty twice,

I ran across this pretty handsome feller

Our days are in the 100*s now. That is 37.7c.

At the peak of the heat in the daytime, the little songbirds rest—such wise little creatures

Or come to our chicken yard and try to grab a snack or two…

I’m sure they are thinking “get some food while everyone sleeps, then no one will ever know.)

The hawks and other raptors silent shadows slide over the warm and bright land

The blue sky is alive with life

As so is the earth

Ah  Summer so

Full Life

Full of Joy

Full of Daily Adventures

To me

The most perfect time of the year!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


They Dominate the Sky —- Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Those enormous whisps of vapor

Massive and glowing

Sometimes so low I feel like I could reach up and touch them

And sometimes there is a stray cloud or two sitting closely on the ground, which touches me (and you)

Even when the morning shadows stripe the earth,

The light of the early dawn beginning to glow causes the clouds to glimmer

Colors lighting the sky so vibrantly

I feel like the Angels are singing to the earth.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


Two Mini-Storms—-Monday, July 9, 2018

For two days straight now, the afternoon heat has given way to huge wind storms, with misting of rain.

But before the cooling of the skies, the heat creeps steadily throughout the day, building sweat on bodies and causing animals and birds to pant.

The sun beats down on the plants, the buildings, and the trees.

The lacy shadows spreading slowing on the ground allowing a repass for anything or anyone stopping in the shade.

The myriad of wildfires in the surrounding areas fill the skies with smoke, the smell of briskly burning timber coming in faintly on the wind.

Huge winds push the storms along, moving them to us from Utah, across the Uncompahgre Plateau, knocking branches down and stirring colossal twisters in the loose soil

Then the wee tiny gift of moisture arrives…causing one and all to tremble with delight and relief.

Not enough to really dampen anything, but enough to refresh the air, the mind, the body and the soul.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


A Mystic Exaltation—Sunday, July 9, 2017

The mail arrived yesterday….all the way from the other side of the United States…a land of warm sunshine and lots of rain, a land where the countryside is enameled green and lush.

The package was very unexpected.

And heavy!

I opened it excitedly to find

A note wrapped around a rock!

The note reads: “Hi Linda,  The instant I saw this heart rock, washed up out of the farm road by all the rain, I knew it was for you.   Best wishes, Marianne”.

Removing the note I saw this amazing heart shaped rock, wrapped with a gold ribbon!

What a wonderful gift!  A chord of music sent from her mountain, a timeless enchantment; adding magic to my day.

Thank you, Marianne!  I have placed this jewel in my rock display, complete with your note!

Because of this great and delightful world of the internet I can also share with you, the same heart sparkling all the way from here to there!

From my world to your heart,



Storms —Thursday, July 9, 2015

clouds-rAll day the clouds shifted here and there.  Sometimes dropping rain, moving on, gathering again, lashing out


thunder, lighting, wind… the violence of each passing storm was exhilarating!

Soqn-pourThe earth, our crops, even myself sighed with relief. hLater in the night, well, actually early, early in the morning, the skies cleared and the stars came out.

We woke to a beautiful morning.  Fresh, clean, clear…a feeling of lightness in air!

Your rejuvenated friend on a Western Colorado Farm,



Birds in the Yard— Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I need some help….I have this cool little bird(s) that loves to come and check out the Hummingbird feeders.  If anyone can tell me it’s name I would be delighted!

Linda Brown's at Delta CO

But first I thought I would show you a darling little Calliope Hummer.  We have the Calliope and the Black Chin again this year.   I’ve counted five pair of the Black Chin and five pair of the Calliope.

We also have four pair of the Bullock Orioles.

in-flightI was extremely excited to see one pair of Rufus Hummingbirds!


He is sort of hard to see in the above photo, but look closely he is there.

What-kind-of-bird-1But what is this little bird?  I was thinking it was a finch of some sort, but my finch food is untouched.

What-type-of-birdOf course it is terribly shy…not letting me near it at all.

Little-Brown-BirdThis little darling comes for a drink often…or is it just curious?Little-Brown-Bird-2You can’t see the red here so now I’m wondering if this is a different bird.  Anyway, any help on identifying this bird or birds will be appreciated.


Your friend,