Clouds Skimming the World—Tuesday, July 11, 2017

We received a reprieve late yesterday, from all the scorching sun and melting heat.

The night stayed thick with clouds…the stars hidden, the full moon unable to shine through the darkness.

Off and on through the night little patters of rain came…not lots, just enough to clear the air…leaving pockmarks on the very dry soil.

A Pheasant moved THROUGH the farm yard after the early morning sprinkle)

The dawn light came slowly through the sliver of grayness left behind; the wind started scattering the clouds.

Slowly, ever so slowly, in that time just before dawn, when light is neither bright or dark, when there are no shadows on the ground…when the trees turn black—-then the sky starts to pale

And the sun breaks forth, the clouds bunched into fluffy balls of sun-kissed color.

The birds, the plants, the farm, and my heart, all sang!  Refreshed!  We all feel refreshed!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,





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