Summer, Blessed, Welcome, Delightful Summer —- Sunday, July 11, 2021

Although, we received no rain

The sun and the moisture in the air gave us

That glorious omen of


The omen that told Noah…all will be okay!

From my world to your heart,


In that Brilliant Lance of Light —- Wednesday, July 11, 2019

When that Golden Hour comes, not always, but when it does

It pushes light into every shadow, tosses dispair aside

Brightens the air, the ground; creating light so pure it collapses everything else.

Once there…the golden light creates its own shadows warping all living things into waves which ride the light.

The brilliant light that touches everything!

Then it’s gone.

From my world to your heart,


The Day Full of the Hum of Bumblebees—-Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Summer….one thing about hot summer days and warm summer evenings is:


Lots of babies…the Barn Swallow nests on our house there are about 8 nests all full of various stages of ‘kids’

I still have not seen any little baby hummingbirds…although, I keep looking and watching.  I would have thought there would have been something by now.

But…not yet.

I will keep watch.  Surely I will get to see something soon!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


Clouds Skimming the World—Tuesday, July 11, 2017

We received a reprieve late yesterday, from all the scorching sun and melting heat.

The night stayed thick with clouds…the stars hidden, the full moon unable to shine through the darkness.

Off and on through the night little patters of rain came…not lots, just enough to clear the air…leaving pockmarks on the very dry soil.

A Pheasant moved THROUGH the farm yard after the early morning sprinkle)

The dawn light came slowly through the sliver of grayness left behind; the wind started scattering the clouds.

Slowly, ever so slowly, in that time just before dawn, when light is neither bright or dark, when there are no shadows on the ground…when the trees turn black—-then the sky starts to pale

And the sun breaks forth, the clouds bunched into fluffy balls of sun-kissed color.

The birds, the plants, the farm, and my heart, all sang!  Refreshed!  We all feel refreshed!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




A Much Needed Break—Monday, July 11, 2016

Off-we-goTerry and I needed a break!  We needed something to do that wasn’t related to the farm, something different—and close enough to the farm we would only be gone a few hours.

50-inchesSo off we went to the Uncompahgre Plateau.

Up there we ran into Hank and Angie Davis, as we turned onto the trail to Dry Mesa. Davis’ are the ranchers who calve out their cows on our place in the winter.  They also live and ranch just below us in the Roubidoux Canyon. AND they live on the Plateau while the cows are summering up there.

A short ways in we ran into Bob and Lois Helgland and their son, also on their way to Dry Mesa.  The Helgland’s live on the Plateau most of the year, but have another home two miles from us heading east.

Then we met our daughter Shannon and Jason on their way for a Sunday ride.  We rode with them.


I always bring up the rear…I’m slow.  I’m not on a ride to race.  I’m on a ride to take photos

Dry-MesaAlthough, I sometimes get so far behind I can’t see or hear anyone.  It’s usually at that point I get concerned I took the wrong road and am now lost.
So far I haven’t.  Which is a good thing.

HOTBy two o’clock we were back home setting water in the heat and the wind.

A nice break.  One much needed.

Your friend,


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

We are having 20% chance of rain right now…which is rather nice actually.  It isn’t raining here (right here on the farm), but it is raining around us in the mountains.  We get to watch the clouds play across the sky then settle down on one of the hillsides and let down a little thirst quenching shower.  What it brings to us is the cooling of the day…we’ve been hitting anywhere from 90* to 100*.

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I have been looking for rainbows, but there aren’t many yet.  I keep looking; they are bound to appear since there IS rain around.