Crop Report—-Tuesday, July 25, 2017

This year’s pinto bean field..almost weeded!  Almost!

I don’t have much time left…the feelers are starting to grow shut!

That’s okay…I’m tired of weeding that huge field.

The ears are starting to form now…within each one is a tiny kernel of corn!


Summer…MY TIME!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm


28 thoughts on “Crop Report—-Tuesday, July 25, 2017

  1. Yes, it’s looking splendid!! You have a lovely cornfield, we have some of them too. Pinto beans, however, are unknown to me, what are those?? You should be really proud, it’s people like you that keeps strenght up among hardworking people, needing good food on the table!!

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  2. sigh. makes me tired just thinkin’ about the werk you do! 4-t-unately today was (eh: 80 or lower in temp?) so I could trim trees, mow some, fix one part of our never-ending failing sprinking system — and took the dogs to the desert for a run (at noon! THAT hasn’t happened since the 100-degree daze enveloped us). but … how in the heck do you WEED those fields? lotsa manual labor?

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    • One weed at a time…a knife to cut the big ones and early in the day until hot and then in the cool of the evening. Boomer doesn’t get to go for a lucky dog run!


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