A Malevolent Wind Gave Us Rain—Monday, July 31, 2017

Around four o’clock yesterday afternoon a wind-fretted bundle of clouds blew in churning the air into a seething angry mess!

The little hummingbirds started feeding in a desperate and determined manner.

Suddenly the wind shifted moved west, then north, and finally east, where it slammed into our area with a vengeance untold

Dropping rain in torrent, flattening anything which stood in it’s path.


Then in swirl of angst the wind-fretted rain moved on…drenching everything in it’s path.

By evening the sun started disappearing;  sending slivers of gold and silver among the slate colored clouds.

This morning is clear and bright, although very muddy!   The smells of warming corn stalks and the heady scent of Four O’clocks fill the air.  Along with the chirps and clicks and the buzz of many little wings as the hummers fill their tummies.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



22 thoughts on “A Malevolent Wind Gave Us Rain—Monday, July 31, 2017

  1. At least you had some rain. A gentle thorough rain would have been nice. We still haven’t had any rain—40+ days now.
    The Hummers here only will come to the feeders one at a time. Very territorial–if another shows up it is buzzed away.

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  2. It is always amazing to realize how huge a system really is when you are getting rain on that side of the divide ~ at the same time we are getting rain on this side of the divide. HUGE rain storm. Only difference is soil. You have some ~ we don’t. WierD HuH???

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