When You Set your Life—-August 15, 2017

I have noticed over my years…that those, who seem to grow old are those who set their lives toward one goal

All their life is pointed into that one direction….working hard until the hilltop is reached.  But once there, nothing is left to do.  There isn’t a way to climb higher, the peak is now at hand…there is nothing really to do WITH the goal — maybe polish it a bit is all.  So the flame starts to die out—and age creeps in chilling the body and shrinking the soul.

To stay young…well, at least youthful, the need to keep goals warming your thoughts is a very good thing.

(At a tractor pull one October a few years back)

Our neighbor, who attaches to our farm on the south side, is an amazing example of how to stay young.  He is eighty, or very close to eighty; broke his hip last winter…worked until he could walk again— without aide, and is on oxygen.

(A photo taken awhile back…that junk is cleaned up now 🙂  )


He still farms!


We see him out there on his tractor doing all the things all farmers do…disking, plowing, planting, cultivating, opening rows for water, all those things.  He wife told me he told her:  “Farming makes me happy!”

(Taken one day close to harvest a year or so ago)

I’ve thought of that statement a lot this spring and summer…the nice thing about farming is (to us, Terry and I and to our neighbor) the beacon on the mountain top— the goal is still out there, still attainable, the leaping blood of youth still warming the body, mind and the soul.

Farming IS the goal.

(Current taken this week)

The work is still fun, the days still full of wonder, the evening water checks still something beautiful, the first light of the day a marvel to behold.

So I guess the whole secret to staying youthful is staying happy.  For Terry and I in our ancient years…we can truthfully say, like our neighbor, “Farming make us happy!”

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,





27 thoughts on “When You Set your Life—-August 15, 2017

    • Well….there are some days when the joy of the work is not there, but the worry is…or the overwhelming intensity of the situation, but on the whole..each day is not work.


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