When God Speaks—-Wednesday, August 16, 2017

When asking to have time with the Universe I often walk upon the farm, or sit quietly amongst the flowers in the yard, and, of course, there are those ‘just before sleep’ times when communicating with a Power much higher than I helps me close down my brain and sleep.

But I have found that the answers do not come to you, if you, as the seeker do NOT have time to listen.  So I often seek out solitude — watching — for answers on the land, in the sky, or in the thoughts feeding my mind.

Three days ago Terry and I saw (the first photo) while we were up on the Rocky Point,  a slight sundog in the clouds ––a ‘slight’ cool down is coming in three days, so the old-timers say.  The weather people (for our area) are confirming that today will be slightly cooler than yesterday and the day before.

The announcement made me smile.

From my world to your heart,


10 thoughts on “When God Speaks—-Wednesday, August 16, 2017

  1. Linda!!
    I am glad that you take your time for these moments. Today people are afraid to slow down, especially if the issue is listening to a voice stronger than my own and be aware of a prescence greater than my own. Many people do yoga, I don’t really think you encounter anyone else but yourself but I may be very very wrong. My experience is that going on retreats help me keep my focus on the Lord, but I do think God speaks right in the middle of the fuzz and buzz of everyday life, when I need it the most. These moments you have are precious, and I am sure they can inspire many friends out there. Slow down, look at the sky, listen to the silence and enjoy the fact that you are alive in Gods presence. You have such an eye for the beauty in everything Linda and you share it with us, I am grateful!!!!

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