A Sea of Yellow—Thursday, August 31, 2017

From a long-time blog reader, Onefly:  “This is hard to pinpoint, but it’s 65 miles north of the New Mexico state line and 50 miles north of Trinidad,CO, with Taos,NM 100 miles south west over the wind turbines.”

WOW!  Thank you, Onefly!


13 thoughts on “A Sea of Yellow—Thursday, August 31, 2017

  1. You’re welcome Linda I knew you would enjoy this. This is what happens when you get above average precipitation in this area. In addition to that a couple other things. It’s important because ground cover is established and even if it doesn’t rain which happens here too what’s left of this in the future will stop the soil from blowing away forever as some of the last mounds of top soil from the Dust Bowl era are just to the left in this photo.

    Another which is nice to see as well are the amount of mourning doves. There are hundreds of them and these days you don’t see any in towns anymore because they have left as the invasive Eurasion Collared Dove has displaced them which has a been a real negative.

    Take a dove breast and put some white queso and a chili of your choice inside and wrap it in bacon – cook over mesquite and you’ll never forget it.

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