Single Notes — Sunday, September 3, 2017

Single notes, following one by one—

Everyday things are happening… moving soft-footed throughout time, from daylight into nighttime shadows

The bird migrations are in full movement now…less and less attend my hummingbird feeders, most of the spring and summer birds have left; leaving only the Barn Swallows.  I dread the day when they rise up in a body of one, dancing all together in the sky…then…gone—leaving behind a stillness a lack of chatter, and a loss, of their busy swooping as they feed.

Our oldest daughter sent to me these two stunning photos she took at her work in Grand Junction, Colorado

In the pause of utter stillness after the storm…Rainbows.

The air is cooling now…everything is starting to beat with single notes; the song of Autumn in the air.


Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


22 thoughts on “Single Notes — Sunday, September 3, 2017

  1. … and down south, the birds are displaying for each other and collecting nesting materials, the ones who winter over with us are moving on to cooler climates, and buds are breaking out on the few trees that lose their leaves. I’ll be glad when my acacia tree is in leaf again, I miss the shade!

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  2. Yes, the hummers will be gone soon. My granddaughter will be spending three months in Guatemala–she remembered seeing the over-wintering hummingbirds when she was there last fall. Love the sky color in your last shot. Great rainbow pics out there! It looks like you’re sitting on the top of the world.

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  3. Beautiful rainbow photos. I’m so ready for a little rain. One more day of hot and smoke and then I think we can see a change. I worry about all the wildlife in these fires and smoke. Sept is the month for hummers to leave. And soon we will all be stuck indoors. ;/

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