I Wrote Audubon —- Sunday, September 10, 2017

First I wrote to ask if this was the right place to ask what typed of hummingbird was in my yard —“I have never seen this hummingbird at my feeder.  I have been feeding the Hummingbirds for 8 years now, and know the type I have here (I have seen Broadtail, Calliope, Black-Chin, and Rufus…for sure)  But this one is new to me.  I was hoping you could tell me what type this one is.
I took the photo on August 20, 2017  Here on our farm, in Delta, Colorado in our back yard.”



“Hello Linda,

Many thanks for the interest in the hummingbirds in your yard there in Colorado!  I’m sorry for the slight delay responding here–we are swamped at this time of year with taskings for the Citizen Science team, and the Admin mailboxes for all programs are not able to receive the attention we would like.

You should be able to attach a photo to send to us here–a number of people have done that over the summer so far.  Then hopefully we can help you figure out what was visiting your feeders.”

Thanks and good birding,

Geoff LeBaron
Christmas Bird Count Director
Audubon Science

The Christmas Bird Count is now free to participate.
Visit www.christmasbirdcount.org to find out more.
Please consider donating to support the CBC:


“Hi Linda,It’s hard to be completely sure, but it looks like what you had there was a female or hatch-year Calliope Hummingbird.  They would be moving southward by late summer, and I know when I used to spend time in Southwestern Colorado near Pagosa Springs this was the time of year that Calliopes would come through.

Thanks for sending the pictures, and I hope you’re having a great birding year in 2017.

Best wishes,


Well, I guess this is what I have!  I only saw her one day.  But one day was a gift!

Here is the What is This bird FB page   

The answers were mixed so I decided to go to Audubon!

Thank you one and all for your help in this little quest to know what type of hummingbird stopped by!

Your friend on a western Colorado Farm,


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