With a Great, Deep Breath—-Monday, September 11, 2017

It’s constant now…that checking of the crops… are they made?  Is it time?

We can’t take the water off too soon or the little seeds will not be at premium fullness.

As for the pinto beans….

In the wee early pause, between shadow and sunlight. as the sky paled toward sunrise

While the dew filled the plants, making them pliable and soft Terry headed out to begin the harvest of the pinto beans.

Then, when the sun filled the air, and the western stars started to fade…I went out to take photos.


Terry will work until the dew starts to dry up…then he will stop and start again the next pre-dawn day.

I’t important to pull the plants up from the ground, while they are cold and damp, so the pods do NOT shatter and spill the beans all over the soil.

Then we wait.  A week, maybe more.  All the time continually checking. Making sure the timing is right…. soon.  Very soon…we will be hauling pinto beans to market!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


33 thoughts on “With a Great, Deep Breath—-Monday, September 11, 2017

  1. thank you for the lesson on how pinto beans are harvested. i had no idea … and it’s so different from soybeans, the only field bean grown around here. –suz in ohio, where the soybeans and maple trees are just beginning to turn color.

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  2. Interesting to hear about how pinto beans are harvested! We have soybeans here, and we wait until they’re dry (15%??) and then combine them. We’ve been doing the constant check on corn too, and are planning to chop corn silage this afternoon! Hopefully you have a great harvest!

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  3. Do you do anything with the bean trash? Back when I lived in NSW, the growers used to take that, bale it and feed it to the cows in winter for extra protein. I’d have thought it was a bit hard and would poke their mouths, but they seemed to like it well enough.

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