A Time of Magic—Monday, September 18, 2017

In the Glittering sunlight

High in the air

On a crisp, bright, warm September morning

The little Barn Swallows gathered in dense clusters in the sky, then

they filled the electric lines above the canal.

All early morning they came, swooping in, resting until they rose all as one, shimmering and glittering, into the autumn sky; dipping and rising in a choreographed dance taking them away from us.

Leaving the air around our yard empty of sound.


From my world to your heart.


I Wrote Audubon —- Sunday, September 10, 2017

First I wrote to ask if this was the right place to ask what typed of hummingbird was in my yard —“I have never seen this hummingbird at my feeder.  I have been feeding the Hummingbirds for 8 years now, and know the type I have here (I have seen Broadtail, Calliope, Black-Chin, and Rufus…for sure)  But this one is new to me.  I was hoping you could tell me what type this one is.
I took the photo on August 20, 2017  Here on our farm, in Delta, Colorado in our back yard.”



“Hello Linda,

Many thanks for the interest in the hummingbirds in your yard there in Colorado!  I’m sorry for the slight delay responding here–we are swamped at this time of year with taskings for the Citizen Science team, and the Admin mailboxes for all programs are not able to receive the attention we would like.

You should be able to attach a photo to send to us here–a number of people have done that over the summer so far.  Then hopefully we can help you figure out what was visiting your feeders.”

Thanks and good birding,

Geoff LeBaron
Christmas Bird Count Director
Audubon Science

The Christmas Bird Count is now free to participate.
Visit www.christmasbirdcount.org to find out more.
Please consider donating to support the CBC:


“Hi Linda,It’s hard to be completely sure, but it looks like what you had there was a female or hatch-year Calliope Hummingbird.  They would be moving southward by late summer, and I know when I used to spend time in Southwestern Colorado near Pagosa Springs this was the time of year that Calliopes would come through.

Thanks for sending the pictures, and I hope you’re having a great birding year in 2017.

Best wishes,


Well, I guess this is what I have!  I only saw her one day.  But one day was a gift!

Here is the What is This bird FB page   

The answers were mixed so I decided to go to Audubon!

Thank you one and all for your help in this little quest to know what type of hummingbird stopped by!

Your friend on a western Colorado Farm,


Stamped Upon the Heart and Brain—Thursday, August 13, 2015

xSometimes in the evening (after irrigation is done) we sit, Terry and I, upon the outside chairs.


If we get in Before the sunsets.  Last night was one of those nights.


We relaxed and let the evening take over…the little swallow family was busy feeding the tiny mouths for the long, long rest until morning.

The hummingbirds zoomed by us, filling up for their night, Boomer lay on my feet and Sam-Sam our outside kitty sat on Terry’s lap purring.  In the bathroom window, Monkey the house cat (because she eats birds) lay stretched out longing to be outside with us.  But birds come first on our farm.


It was one of those moments when you are aware of your own heartbeat.  A watching.  A space in time, which stamps itself upon your heart, brain and soul. A moment instantly recalled in every detail for the rest of your life.

Your friend on a Western Colorado farm,


Nothing New or Different—Wednesday, July 15, 2015

14Everyday, every four hours the water is checked and possibly changed.

dayI’m still painting on the house…most of the west side is done, I’m working on the eves.  I have part of the south side, but still need to CLIMB up on the roof to do the next level…after than I have the east side (You are looking at the east side) and the north side.

roadTerry blading the ruts and holes out the driveway

Humming-bird-camera-518bThere are always little joys, through out the day.

MorningSo from morning until

First-Darkdark we just keep truck’n on.  (At our ages we are very, VERY, thankful we can still truck-on, just as we always have.)

It’s still clouding up and raining here and there and all around.  It’s nice because the rain IS keeping the heat at bay.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


First Light—Thursday, July 2, 2015


Gradually, gradually the day starts to wake…the shadows of the night slowly lifting as the gray light filters in.First-Light-3

Tiny, as my thumb, the hummingbirds arrive at the feeders; their buzz and chirps blending in with the small melodious calls of the other birds who are shaking sleep off and welcoming in the day!


Morning, the beautiful beginning of another day!

Your friend,




Sunlight—Sunday, May 17, 2015

Miserable-1The cold rain and the sharp wind of the last few days has just been miserable.


The little birds have sat around in puffed feathers all hunched up…looking just…miserable.


Iris-1The rain has been lovely for my yard

Iris-2Everything is rich and lush and green.

LeavingLast evening, in a huge rush of wind, the clouds started parting and waving good-bye heading toward the north and the east.  (I waved delightedly to them as they left! 🙂 )

LHBAll the birds feathers laid back down

FemaleSongs filled the soft evening air!

Today we have scattered bits of sunshine, lots of bird songs and joy everywhere!

I hope you have a most lovely Sunday…a day of Sun—it looks like we will have!

Your Friend,


My Tiny Feathered Friends—Wednesday, May 13, 2015

HummingOne thing I am not is a very good photographer of Hummingbirds!

Although, this can sorta give you an idea of the cute little things as they hum and buzz around the feeders.  I don’t have all my feeders out right now, only six, but I think I have arrived at a place whereby I can add a couple more.

It sure is a joyful sound having those little birds buzz over your head as you are weeding.  Makes me laugh out loud, and even duck a few times.

My “Some Day I’ll” list has right at the top of it:

1. Take a good photo of a hummingbird.

Maybe this year I’ll make that wish come true.

I hope your day is full of joy and happiness!

Your friend,




Then in Rained–Thursday, May 7, 2015

river.jpgYep.  Just after I finished posting to the blog, the heaven’s opened up and poured.

And poured

Then poured some more.  Our driveway turned into a river.

The events yesterday seemed to match the weather,

  • our mailbox was damaged (immature Jr. High damage…easily fixed, but still)
  • one of our cell phones was pick up/stolen (we put a stop on the number)
  • A load coming from a semi to our tuck damaged the tail gate (Terry said it can be fixed)
  • our car developed a need to never go down the road again (sigh)
  • It rained off and on all night

But as the soggy, miserable, cold day wore on

  • we purchased a new mailbox, turned the damage into the Sheriff and the post office, and put the new mail box up.  🙂
  • Late, late in the day our cell phone was turned into one of the store clerks where the phone was taken lost–today I will have it it re-instated.  Turning the ability to off to use it helped, I do believe.
  • The tail gate damage is on the inside of the truck, not the outside.  It will be a repair, but not a obvious one
  • The car has an appointment to get fixed on Friday—Alan says he can do the job without too much trouble.
  • A beautiful basket of flowers were delivered to our house for Mother’s DayBullock-Orieo
  • I have about 8 humming birds now and two pair of Bullock OriolesClose
  • The Orange-banded Bumble Bees are out and about
  • The sun is here this morning, the little birds started chirping and singing the sun up at first light—I sang with them!

There is joy all around!

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,



June 17, 2013

I have some ‘new’ to me birds feeding at my Hummingbird feeders.  I really don’t know what they are so if someone out there does, please let me know.

It is possible these are the Lesser Goldfinch, but I’m not sure.


I am surprised that these big birds like to drink the sugar water…they chase the hummers off and have a go at it; draining the feeder in a very short while.


At first the hummers tried to dive bomb these big birds but they have given up now.  If the big birds show up the hummers just move down to another feeder or fly up into the tree branches.


I tried putting out other types of food, but nothing tastes as good as sugar water! 🙂 They just let the oranges turn to cardboard….

If you know please drop me a comment…it would be fun to know who is ‘bellying up to the bar’, so to speak.


I DID IT!!!!!!

I finally got a photo or two of a hummingbird!  It took lots of patience and lots of photos that didn’t turn our very good.


I hope you can see the tiny little green body getting a bite to eat in the middle of the hollyhock…

Here is a side view

And my favorite, the hummer looking right at me wondering what I was doing.

The hummer’s have left my feeders and just feed in the yard now…

Because the honey bees have found the feeders.


But I have lots an lots of trumpet shaped flowers in my yard…just because I want Hummers so they are not going hungry.

Everyday I have anywhere from 5 to 10 regular little hummers that spend their summer with us.  Lately we are seeing other hummers on their way through to their winter homes, so I don’t mind that the bees are cleaning up the sugar water.

I have lots of food for everyone.