On a Ripe Autumn Day—Tuesday, October 10, 2017

We are using the woodstove for heat now.  It feels warm and rich and luxurious

I thought I would bring you up-to-date on our building project

The doors are up

The roof is on and most of the sides are up

We made it clear to this point before the cold insane wind came—complete with rain and huge sloppy snowflakes


Today is cold, but we will start again.  It’s almost done on the outside.  Then we can start work on the inside.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


23 thoughts on “On a Ripe Autumn Day—Tuesday, October 10, 2017

  1. Beautiful thoughts of a woodstove….we ran three of them in our lodge at one point…loved the warm cozy heat..lots of cutting and splitting but it was fun too. That building is stellar..will be wonderful for workshop and farm things..you have both done a wonderful job of it for sure. Glad weather is holding to finish…Cooling in Southern Minnesota too…30’s last night first frost here…but sixties next week. My grandson, Taylor Greenwalt, I posted his news….graduates from Lackland AIr Force Base tomorrow. Bryan and Bobbi , his mom and dad, flew out today..they have not seen him in six weeks. Sister Hailey flies out from college in Fargo today..and his girl Autumn too. I will send you pictures. I am so excited for them all…me too..love to you all there from here..Merri

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  2. How exciting. I love building projects. What is it going to be used for? What will the inside be like? I’d love to sit in your garden. Nothing is as homey as a lovely picket fence…and with that sunset, well, it’s like something out of a storybook.

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  3. Hooray, your new building is looking great. Hope the weather will give you a break so that you can get the outside done and then on to work on the inside. Congratulations on your progress! Hope Autumn lasts awhile for you folks yet!

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