Weather an Intimate Companion—Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The leaves are falling thick and fast now on sunny days and cloudy days

I got most of them raked off the lawn last night.Β  I still have more to go around the buildings

As the wind and the clouds re-write the weather the corn harvest goes on.

(This is an old photo of the Elevator taken January 2016…the year the corn never dried down)

The Elevator opens at 6 in the morning and a line is there waiting

The air today sings of rain, but is only damp, with the clouds starting to part and blue skies shinning through.

Terry called and said he was sixth in line…if all goes well, he should be home for lunch!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


14 thoughts on “Weather an Intimate Companion—Tuesday, October 31, 2017

  1. I hope the rain continues to stay away until you get the corn in. It’s great that Terry was relatively close to the head of the line. If you get bored after raking all the leaves around your house, we have plenty around our house that need raking!

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  2. Love your pictures! Most trees are just starting to turn here. My corn harvest will probably be about
    2 more weeks away. Had rain this a.m. for a bit, my farmer says still a ways to go until it is dry enuf. Cotton harvests are underway. Have to drive over tomorrow to check on my one cotton farm to see how it is doing. Hopefully you stay dry until harvest is over!


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