The Adventures of Boomer on Friday— The Christmas Tree


I got to go to TRACTOR SUPPLY!  I got many pets, some treats, one man pointed out I needed to be on a diet…. 😦  I ignored him.

Sniffed all the corners…because you KNOW what is on corners!

Mom told me I could NOT lift a leg…so I didn’t!  🙂

Then we came home…I ride in the back seat in the car … I would help her drive if she let me, but she doesn’t.  So I sit on the back seat and wait until we get to the next stop.

In this case it was home.

Inside I helped Mom put up the CHRISTMAS TREE.  She did all the work and I hung out and watched.

Then when Mom turned on the lights….Mindy Cat decided this works just as good as outside…it’s now her bed.

Even the lights don’t bother her.  And she doesn’t bother anything on the tree.

It was a good day.  A very good day.

Mom says Christmas is her favorite time of the whole year…it’s sparkly you see.

Mom also told me I was to get a bath Monday and I get to go BACK to Tractor Supply afterwards as a treat!




37 thoughts on “The Adventures of Boomer on Friday— The Christmas Tree

  1. Well Boomer, Bingo here—-just wanted to to say it is fun to be on an adventure. I get to go inside at our feed store and everybody pets me and I get a treat on the way out. By the by—the tree is beautiful

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  2. Well done, B. That man at Tractor Supply was very naughty telling you to be on a diet. His mama should have taught him if he has nothing nice to say – don’t say anything at all. Good luck on bath day. Hope you get a roll in the mud as soon as possible afterwards!

    Love and licks,

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  3. What a beautiful tree you have helped put up and it’s good that Mindy Cat and you just enjoy the warmth of it. This is my favorite time of the year as well. I have to get a bath as well today and my treat will be breakfast out with my family. So we all have to suffer a little indignation for that reward. 😉 Have an adventurous weekend but stay out of danger.

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  4. Hey there fellow Colorado canine…your mum sure put up a pretty tree. I love the idea of riding in the car until the engine starts and then I can’t get small enough on the back seat till we arrive. Maybe I’d like it more if I lived on a farm. 😊 Have a pawsome weekend.
    Your fur-iend at the Ranch,
    Sam 🐾

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  5. Our dogs and cat have teamed up and already we’ve lost one of our better ornaments.The ornament was a cardinal made of straw-like material. I suspect that cat knocked it down and the dog chewed it up. It wasn’t toxic for the dog who got the final end of the deal, but I hated to lose it. Sigh. At least it has only been one ornament so far. I like bird ornaments, but they have a high fatality rate here.

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