The Light of Almost Full Moon — Sunday, December 3, 2017

Hanging there in the light blue of the sky, glittering like a HUGE pearl, surrounded by pinks and golds

Was December’s gift to us of a Super Moon.  Gradually a deep pinkish gray painted cloud slowly floated over the giant milky glow

Covering that amazing orb.


The pearlized light seemed to whirl out of the air and brush each and everything it touched with brilliant radiance!

Lucky us!

From my world to your heart,


19 thoughts on “The Light of Almost Full Moon — Sunday, December 3, 2017

  1. Aw you got to see the moon—we got to see nothing—black dark sky and rain coming down—oh well!
    There is a hunting season on the Snow Geese but only on selected fields—-and the geese know which ones. The hunters are out there with their decoys and hunters dressed in white trying to get the geese to fly over their fields but the geese stay hunkered down right next to them. I chuckle

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  2. These photos are truly magical. I was watching the same moon here in Auckland, New Zealand last night. We are so connected! Thank you Linda for always being open to surprise and magic on the land and in the heavens.

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