A Great Wind Passing Through—Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Sunday well into early, early Monday morning a great wind came through…bringing with it the cold front we are now experiencing…normal December temperatures. πŸ™‚

The destructive wind picked up all the loose corn leaves (and any other thing) moving them from fields and slamming them onto fences, trees and anything else standing secure and tall.

The whole air rippled in the force of the wind, much like a wee tornado…full of dirt, bits of this and that; causing excitement when it landed in your eyes, ears or mouth.

The gale force winds (gusts up to 40-50 m.p.h.) pushed the bruised and glowering clouds away from us…taking any moisture there might have been to some place else…not here.


Now today, with shivery weather, blue skies and calm air…we welcome in traditional winter cold! It was 10* at our house this morning. (-12.22 celsius)

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


25 thoughts on “A Great Wind Passing Through—Tuesday, December 5, 2017

  1. Your wind came to visit here yesterday. During the early evening I was at the computer when there was sudden darkness. I guess a tree branch or tree came down about a block away and dropped the power lines. The traffic lights were out, several stores and quite a few houses and apartment buildings were affected. One apartment balcony had LED christmas lights which evidently got just enough wattage to stay on the whole time (LEDs can stay lit with only a half watt so I’ve been informed) and were the only lights visible. We had power again about an hour later. Did it again about four hours later but we only got a blink that rebooted the computer but left the street lights out about twenty minutes. Still kind of blustery today and decidedly colder, was in the lower 60s F yesterday, lower 30s today.

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      • Sure was a surprise to suddenly have no light at all. I was more concerned that the computer wasnt damaged. All in all we’ve had fewer power outages here than we did at the house, the transformer there (which we could see two doors over) was wonky and would go out when it was foggy, below zero, had heavy rain and for no reason at all. For all the complaints they didn’t get around to replacing it till 2013. It was a bad wind, worse for you with the wide open spaces and nothing to stop it. We’re presently on the east side of a hill so the wind kind of goes over us most of the time.

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  2. Bit of a mess on the fences – here like Kate above says resembles the flood mess on the fences.
    Sorry to inform you but summer is here and most unseasonal rainfalls in some areas in the south.
    Some areas more in a day than the normal December totals! Weird.

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