All About Lady—-Monday, December 18, 2017

Shannon has done a marvelous job with the much abused Lady the mule.

In the beginning no one could get close to her.

No one.

And for sure someone wearing flannel.

But gradually, over-time, lots of carrots and apples and loves and pets she has come to trust again.

Daily brushing are not tolerated but (actually) enjoyed. Putting on the saddle is not a sign of something ‘wicked about to  happen’ but an adventure with a much loved human.

Romeo and Lady are best of friends…if one goes somewhere the other is close behind.  They sometimes have little squabbles and then they make up.  Alway, always they are close together.

Lady even lets Terry and I pet and love on her.  She has learned…it’s all about love here and she is finally safe.

Which is a very good thing.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



28 thoughts on “All About Lady—-Monday, December 18, 2017

  1. It’s easy to wait too long as animals hide their pain. My prayers go out to you with this difficult decision as , whatever you do, will not be exactly “right”. Just do your best and explain it all to him. “The best you can” is “the best you can”. God Bless All Of You. Give yourselves some approval and comfort as you are doing the “best you can”.

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  2. This is the kind of story that warms my heart and gives it hope. I know you are so proud of Shannon more for her good heart than her good work. But the work is impressive. It takes so much to win the trust of an abused animal. I’m sorry Lady had to experience such treatment.

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