The Reflection of Wonder—Tuesday, December 19, 2017

While out repairing the electric fence the cows so delightedly tore down—I couldn’t help but enjoy the cold touch of the almost winter breeze as it cooled our late fall land even further.

It was on the last string of wire, when Shannon stopped and asked her Dad to look at into the tree.  Hearing them talk I ha to leave my fencing duties to see what they found.

Another wonder of our magnificent earth…a huge wasp nest!

What a cool thing to find!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


20 thoughts on “The Reflection of Wonder—Tuesday, December 19, 2017

  1. The wasp nests are wonderful to look at, but I do dislike wasps themselves, they give me the cold shivers. Something about their mindless aggression, compared with bees, which are calmer and less liable to sting you for no reason.

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  2. around here, the higher a hornets nest is in a tree, the more snow you’re supposed to get in the coming winter. i saw a nest just yesterday, not far from my house, now that most trees around here have finally shed their leaves. this does not bode well … it was the highest i’ve ever seen a hornets nest. and we’ve had one good snowfall so far, 4-6 inches, but that’s already more snow than all of last year. i never had to shovel even once last year, the mildest winter i can remember. –suz in ohio

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  3. Looks like a hornets nest. More aggressive than wasps if disturbed. We had a huge nest like that on the solid fence on our deck one year. I used to walk past quietly and did not make eye contact. They never bothered us. You know, the first good freeze will kill them, except for the queen who hibernates in the ground.

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