Cradling Warmth—Wednesday, January 3, 2018

We are cold today.  So cold it’s painful to walk out and about doing the things needing to be done.

Although it isn’t a cold without noise.

Which makes me happy.

I have been thinking and thinking of what I want to do this year…I no longer make Resolutions–they seem so negative…a take away of sorts.  So of course I can never keep them.


I have reached an age where I don’t want to ‘take away’ but to add into my life.

Every morning I read my favorite blogs and visit my friends on FaceBook,  happily touching their lives, when I came across Connie’s post for the New Year. 

It’s stuck with me for days.  She picked one word….just one that would help her strive toward the things she is interested in achieving this year.

So I’ve decided to follow her example and pick one word—

My one word for this year is Resolve.

I want to resolve so many things—finish cleaning out my house, yards, around the farm buildings;  getting rid of ‘stuff’, either through selling it or giving it away.

Resolve to see anew objects that have grown familiar and share these new found things with you on my blog.

I would be incredibly happy to finally resolve two family lines in my genealogy.  My Dad’s side — the Doyles.  And my grandfather’s on my mother’s side — Thomas.  I have been stuck for 48 years on those two lines, moving them beyond into the place where they all crossed the pond would be a huge accomplishment.

I would like to use this intention (Resolve) to approach so many things; not resting and hoping I will ‘find the time’ to do this or that, but that I do it!

Time (at my age) is now like a twilight wind; I want to enjoy, love, experience and share each moment to the fullest!

And, yes, I want to continue sharing with you—this tiny piece of life on a farm.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




32 thoughts on “Cradling Warmth—Wednesday, January 3, 2018

  1. Linda, have you had a DNA test? It really helps extend your family lines. I used My Heritage. That sent my lines back to the 15th & 16th centuries when they arrived in America. (But I can’t find a record of my parents marriage. Regards & stay warm, Sandy

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  2. Love your Canada geese pics, Linda. I share in your cold temps….has been down to 2* here a couple of night with teens and low 20’s in the daytime. The north wind doesn’t help, either. I don’t make resolutions either. Though I like your word “resolve” for the new year. I will have to dwell on a word for my new year and see what I come up with. It may be “move” which will have a lot of meaning for me. Move to my “mini-barndominium”, move my aching limbs to keep arthritis from taking over too soon, etc.

    New Year’s Blessings to you and Terry!! Love your Resolve!!

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  3. I loved seeing all the geese in your fields. Beautiful photos. Resolve is a good word for the year. Still working on mine but I’m doing much the same as you for different reasons. Gave away so much stuff and the selling of other stuff comes later but to clear out so I can actually appreciate what is left is part of the plan this year. It started last year but takes time. Wishing you great resolve.
    I’ll pop over to see what your friend has to say about all this now. 😉

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  4. Resolve is a great word for you! I hope you have good luck finding the time to do research…I know mine takes a back burner and I tried to talk my husband into working on his side of the family…no interest there at all. So I will explore what I can when I can…I have lots of irons in the fire…just like you. Good luck with your resolve!

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