An Icy World Arrived—-Sunday, January 7, 2018

Although it’s nice and warm inside, outside the winter day of a typical January has returned.

Last night we had a skiff of ice transforming our extremely dry land into sharp shards of miniature ice.

A stiff wind is shaking the branches of the Blue Spruce adorning our house and fringes of ice are slightly dripping off our metal roof.

There really wasn’t anything to call snow, but it is a moisture of sorts.

I’m not surprised

While working outside Thursday, we (Terry and I)  saw a Sun Dog.

In three days time (the sky prophecy announced) cold weather will descend.  Even colder weather than you are experiencing right now.

But what did surprise me…is there were two Sun Dogs in the sky!

That evening (Thursday) as the shadows turned to deep blue, the sinking sun transformed the sky into an amazing burst of light; I could see the snow clouds gathering way over on the Plateau.

By Saturday night (after a beautiful day of sunshine) I could breath cold in the air…colder than normal.

And I hoped some much needed moisture.

We got some, enough to settle the dust in the air, and damped the soil.

That’s better than nothing.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



35 thoughts on “An Icy World Arrived—-Sunday, January 7, 2018

  1. I don’t know if sun dogs are visible in my neck of the woods but we have sun today. We have had abnormally below freezing temp (single digits and below) and negative windshield temps since the week before Christmas. We had to move our cattle off the mountain last week because the water that was there froze up and now the hollow that had the best water for them is froze over and we have three tractors and a truck that are froze up. One of the three will run but the hydraulics are froze up. We have a 1970 Dodge pickup that Eddie’s using to feed the four groups of cattle and before the hydraulics froze up on the small tractor Eddie was wearing a motorcycle helmet to feed on the open tractor. I’m having to check the eggs, hens water and rabbit water hourly. It’s finally up to 25* right now and I plan to do some extra winterizing when it gets to 30* before the next wave of single digits comes back at the end of the week. We’re supposed to get rain tomorrow afternoon but it’s got to get a lot warmer before that happens and we need the rain and snow so bad but not in bucketfulls!!! You stay warm and I’ll watch for Sun Dogs!!!

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  2. Lovely pics LInda, so glad you aren’t enduring the terrible weather I’ve been reading about in the States… we of course, are enjoying the warmth of the sun and had an enormous storm the other day which thankfully broke our drought… a letter is on its way XXXXXX

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  3. the sunrises here (um, less than 40 miles from yer haus) look a lot like your pixure of the ‘set. hmmm: we had almost A WHOLE INCH OF SNOW yesterday a.m. — Betty was somewhat excited, as, like you said, practically NO moisture whatsoever for quite some time. this a.m. “it” had either snowed a little or there was a pretty good frost deposition.
    i’ll comment (more) on sky phenomena elsewhere at yer site …

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