An Icy World Arrived—-Sunday, January 7, 2018

Although it’s nice and warm inside, outside the winter day of a typical January has returned.

Last night we had a skiff of ice transforming our extremely dry land into sharp shards of miniature ice.

A stiff wind is shaking the branches of the Blue Spruce adorning our house and fringes of ice are slightly dripping off our metal roof.

There really wasn’t anything to call snow, but it is a moisture of sorts.

I’m not surprised

While working outside Thursday, we (Terry and I)  saw a Sun Dog.

In three days time (the sky prophecy announced) cold weather will descend.  Even colder weather than you are experiencing right now.

But what did surprise me…is there were two Sun Dogs in the sky!

That evening (Thursday) as the shadows turned to deep blue, the sinking sun transformed the sky into an amazing burst of light; I could see the snow clouds gathering way over on the Plateau.

By Saturday night (after a beautiful day of sunshine) I could breath cold in the air…colder than normal.

And I hoped some much needed moisture.

We got some, enough to settle the dust in the air, and damped the soil.

That’s better than nothing.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



A Summer Storm has Arrived—-Thursday, August 4, 2016

Storm came in 1The wind blew in a rain storm last night; slamming huge drops of water into the west side of the house. The dog and cat made a mad running dash to the house before me, but had to wait as only I (or Terry) can open the door for them.

Storm-2This morning we woke to thick clouds overhead.  A curtain of mist rising off the fields, and the flash-frying heat of the last few days…GONE!!!

Sam-and-SunThe air is cool and wonderful, bringing relief to the plants, the animals and us!  The thick scents of the wet ground and the bathed plants insinuate themselves through the open screened windows and the screened doors.

We are all rejoicing!  Cool moisture, after searing heat, is such a blessing!  It makes one want to dance.  Although, dancing in Colorado rain is a very chilling experience.

From my world to your heart!


A New Storm Comes In—Monday, May 16, 2016

New-Storm-2After a time of warm a new storm arrived on a stiff breeze, almost wind.


The wind was fragrant full of green things growing, moisture in the clouds and the sharp tang of Chico’s and Rabbit Brush.

It’s cold today, with scattered sighting of sunshine.  The gift of moisture and life!



The World Settled into Silence—Thursday, November 5, 2015

hhIt rained off and on all day yesterday,  and way into the night.

We actually woke up to rain. The air rich with the smell of ozone and the dried leaves, corn stalks and ears; now absorbed with water.


Then there came a feel of snow in the air.

Although, the sky was the same leaded gray the air itself had changed. A heaviness and feeling of something different; colder/sharper.

Silence, no small voices of birds or rustling of little creatures, as the crystals in the clouds changed from water to ice.


Then it came, sudden and hushed, flurries of little tiny noiseless flakes, whirling out of the air.

CThe sun is out now (as I type), the sounds of water returning, running off our metal roof, the snow is melting adding to the mud, flatting the fallen leaves.

The weather people were right.  An early winter storm has arrived.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


A Photo Gift of Rainbow — Tuesday, July 29, 2014

It is raining here!

Joyful drops of cooling moisture!

Our humidity finally swelled enough to allow the sullen clouds and the leaden sky to burst forth with a steady drizzle of rain!  (WITHOUT WIND!)

All of God’s Creatures are rejoicing.  The little birds are sitting on bare branches taking a shower…fluffing their wings, spreading the cleansing drops of water through their feathers with their beaks and feet all with loud and joyful songs of delight.  It seems even little birds love to sing at the top of their lungs in the shower!

Terry and I are also enjoying these life-giving drops of rain— the hay is up and stacked, with the load of hay to haul to the Delta Elevator protected under the carport.  (Thanks be to everyone who sent magic thoughts, prayers, and crossed their fingers for dry weather for us!)

Although, irrigation DOES NOT STOP (the rain is not really soaking into the ground just creating a damp top to the soil) we do not mind walking along a slippery ditch banks to change the water.  The delight of a heat-decreasing summer shower is a gift!

From-VadaraeToday is Tuesday!  It is the day I like to post one of the many photo gifts of rainbows from one of my readers.

Vadarae (Va-da-rae)  don’t you just love that name!  Vadarae sent me a lovely double rainbow she took on her trip to the Black Hills of South Dakota in May.  Look at the raindrops on the car window…it so fits the weather we are having today!

Thank-you, Cotton Lady for adding to this special day full of soft, gentle, air-cleansing and refreshing rain!

Your Friend on a Western Colorado Farm,


P.S.  Please remember if you have a wonderful rainbow or even a great photo you would like to share with my readers I will be very glad to post it for you.  I post them on Tuesday. And I ALWAYS give you credit for sharing with us!




Wednesday, April 17, 2013

We fought wind and dust all day long yesterday.  Sure was a mess!

And of course it had little bits of rain with it…nothing that does any good, just helps the blowing dirt stick to stuff.

Here is one of our windows to give you an idea…that isn’t rain, it’s dirt.


I went to bed thinking I will be glad when the weather settles and I can get the windows and screens washed.

This morning we woke up to this-


Yep!  And we still irrigate even though there is snow.

Terry and I were talking about those that have corn seed in the ground ready to ‘water-up’–sort of scary, because this type of moisture will cause the seed to swell and break out roots and a stalk, if the water doesn’t hit them at the right time the seed will die.

That is one reason we water the ground first, wait for it to dry to the right stage of moisture and then plant.

Everyone has their own theory and knows what works for them, but for us this is what and why we do what we do.

Also, this type of weather is a mess for those in the ‘prep’ stage of ground work.  You get the soil to the point of being a really nice sponge; it will act like a sponge.  In our clay type of soil sponges turn rock hard if you don’t get on it right at a certain point.

As in all things timing is everything.

There is an old saying: “As in gambling so is farming”  there just might be more than a grain of truth in it.

Well, moisture is moisture so we will just keep the fire going, the water flowing and know that someday, at some time, winter has just GOT to end!  🙂

Linda, from Canada sent me some bulbs of her Tarda Tulips, last year we were so dry they didn’t bloom, but this year they are lovely.


Of course they are covered up with snow right now, but the photos I got yesterday show you how beautiful they are


Spring time in the Rockies or is it still winter time?  Maybe a mix of both 🙂



Water—-The Lifeblood of Life

We received notice yesterday by the Ditch Company that the irrigation water is to be shut off early this year and (depending on the snow levels over winter) to start later next year.

Although, we have turned our water off, there are those who have planted winter wheat and also those who have just cut their hay and will need to water the alfalfa field one more time before going into winter.

“Due to drought conditions and the heavy usage of stored water this summer, the Uncompahgre Valley Water Users Association –UVWUA- will be shutting the Gunnison Tunnel off two and a half weeks early this year. The shut-off date will be October 15th. This decision has been made to conserve Taylor Reservoir water for next year. Growers planting winter grains should plan accordingly. Pending the type of winter we have this year, there is a possibility water will be turned on later than normal next spring.  For questions or comments call the UVWUA.”


You are looking upon our head gate for the irrigation water to our place.  Our share of this canal (the Ironstone) is taken out at this point.  It goes back in at the end of our farm.

We were watching the Rural Farm News (yes, we do things like that) and the report on there was this drought is the largest drought in years, and years, and years, encompassing most of the United States clear into Canada.

As much as I dislike snow and ice and the dark and cold of winter….I’m sure there isn’t a person out there that doesn’t want a lot of moisture this winter.

Finger crossed and toes crossed for moisture for drought stricken regions everywhere!!!!