The Moon—Our Big Beautiful Moon—January 31, 2018

Did you get to see anything?

We are heavily clouded here.  😦  Sigh!

But tonight as it rises again, I should at least get to see the full moon (Provided there is no clouds… was stunning last night, although not quite full.

This is a very interesting blog about the Moon, if you are interested!

Total Lunar Eclipse, Jan. 31, 2018

Even so…

We (Terry, Boomer, Mindy-cat and I) will take a wee walk-about in the light of the full moon tonight—or, if its still cloudy, a walk under moon lite clouds!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


11 thoughts on “The Moon—Our Big Beautiful Moon—January 31, 2018

  1. I hope to see it tonight, it is snowing here now. I am still in isolation with far Guy and we have a crappy view of a roof with mechanical stuff. Home tomorrow we hope

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    • Oh, darn it, Connie! I had thought he was going to get to go home. This doesn’t sound good. Maybe the next time you write you will both be home! Prayers for healing!!!! Love you!


  2. We had a ringside seat 🙂 The big blue moon rose as we were heading out for something to eat, clear and bright and rose tinted by the setting sun. Then later in the evening, we watched the shadow of the earth nibble away at the moon high in the sky and then the shadowed moon slowly turned a dusky brownish red. After a while, the process began to reverse itself, by which time we were well and truly ready for bed, but it had been spectacular, on a warm, clear, beautiful night. It was the gift of the heavens to me on my birthday…

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  3. Unfortunately unlike Kate’s (Northern Qld Australia)area above, here in Terrigal the weather
    has changed from VERY HOT to much needed rain and a cool/cold change so clouds
    covered the whole skyline. I did get up just in case but ZILCH!
    Some Aussie photos on the news this morning were amazing of the event.

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