After Spiders—-Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Well, after the dreams from the other night, I was a tad concerned I might dream of creepy crawly things again.

But, thankfully, as my breathing and heart slowed to that spot, which takes us into the abyss of sleep


My dreams were not of unimagined possibilities to be frightened over

But patches of sun and interesting things I wanted to do.

Although, I don’t remember them this morning.  I do feel refreshed and eager to tackle the day.

From my world to your heart,



14 thoughts on “After Spiders—-Tuesday, January 30, 2018

  1. I was going to comment yesterday but then got caught up in other things… in yesterday’s dream you had to brave walking through the webs, And YOU MADE IT. 🙂 You Made it, and last night’s dream proves it. You’re a tough (and brave) cookie, Linda.

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  2. Hi Linda…I see this now..and love the entries/ I will send you in email two poems I just finished for the CS Sentinel if they take them. I write them for me..if someone likes them ..that is ok too. I might have sent you Reverenced. but I changed it a little and the One with the Dance is new…I will e them to you later. Cold here in MN.. I love Boomer and missed HIS story of late too it is just not on my feed..I used to get it in my email I wonder if you are blocked on here try to send me an email back after i send you the poems. I have another email too….Love the spider healing..of NO FEAR you need a spider NO FEAR T to all and thank you for all the heartsong you sing…


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