A Lulling Drug call Contentment—-Thursday, March 15, 2018

On these amazingly nice March spring days, with the Canadian Geese and the Sand hill Cranes winging their way over-head —- going back north to their breeding grounds–Terry and I and

that little beagle helper, took up all the late winter repair work, getting things in place for water to appear on the land.    One day we repaired some gateways to culverts,

Then we went down to Shannon’s and cleaned up all the trash, which had accumulated over the winter.

Moved her fifth-wheel camper into her yard and off the farm

We helped Paul

Load up the landscaping rocks he wanted for his place

In exchange he helped us

Move the feed bunk to a better spot in the corrals.

These rich days are actually tranquil…full of productive work,

the quiet accomplish of jobs well done, bodies tired enough that sleep comes rich and deep.

This is where happiness begins and continues,

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




14 thoughts on “A Lulling Drug call Contentment—-Thursday, March 15, 2018

    • Sometimes I think my days and my blog is nothing but work and more work. Then I think…but that is US and it is joy to us. Thank you, my Dear Sweet Friend from way over there!


  1. (sigh). top pixure quite applicable for most of t-day! the Mesa holdin’ its sponges to fling out in all dye-wreckshuns ~ check my post today for something YOU invented in my world-view, etc. (having to do with some year of some decade)


  2. Wow Linda, I am just amazed at the amount of work you folks get done in the course of a day. I am tired out just seeing your pictures and hearing about the work accomplished. Awesome. Here we have snow piled as high as the buildings. It’ll be awhile before spring comes to these parts. So I enjoy seeing you waking up the land for spring work!


  3. Lind, you have really got it – what is important in life and what gives us happiness! It is as allways a joy to read your blog. /Asta


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