No Sense of Relief Yet—-Monday, April 2, 2018

We are still waiting….for the irrigation water to come.

Three times Terry called the Ditch People and asked for the water.

Three times they said the next day or the following day or for sure on Monday.

We are ready….more than ready.Ā  All the fields, which will be planted to corn, are disked, plowed, rolled, leveled, marked out…the ditches made (the ditch to carry the water to the field and the ditch to take the water to the next field), the alfalfa field is marked out and waiting, growing greener by the day—but it would grow in leaps and bounds after it gets water.

We’ve cleaned all the ditches—and I’m working on my yard….we are ready.

More than ready…we are beyond ready.

Around noon today we will (once more) travel up to the head gate for our canal, the F N Canal to see where the water is…once more.

Surely it won’t be long now!

Your very restless friend on a western Colorado farm, (standing in a holding pattern šŸ™‚Ā  )


24 thoughts on “No Sense of Relief Yet—-Monday, April 2, 2018

  1. Good Grief Linda, what is taking so long for the water to make its way to you! Could it really be Thursday before you get it? We’re all waiting with you…..hope it’s soon!


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