Towers of Metal Against a Pale Sky of Blue—Sunday, April 22, 2018

We loaded lots and lots of stuff onto our trailer and headed up to Montrose where a company buys metal of all types

Bales it up and sends it….somewhere to be recycled into something else

I always find this yard fascinating. The amount of metal arriving and being baled is stunning.

Yet there is a symphony of work going on here

And amazing skill these operators of gigantic machines show

Here he is lifting off JUST the old air conditioner WITHOUT disturbing anything else on our trailer.—Amazing!

I stood outside (just like the men) and watched the movement of each and every piece of heavy equipment.Β  My eyes and mind filled with awe!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


18 thoughts on “Towers of Metal Against a Pale Sky of Blue—Sunday, April 22, 2018

  1. Reminds me of our town centre! Demolishing…rebuilding…blocking out the sunlight and any decent views…concrete city abounds alongside the giant cranes and steel…ever get the impression I don’t like this modernisation thing?!! πŸ˜…


    • There are people around here who will come an pick up stuff. But Terry, being Terry, says he needs to sort everything because there just MIGHT be something he could still use πŸ™‚


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