The Movement Continues — Monday, May 28, 2018

Although Terry only cut the alfalfa just a few days ago, the hot sun and the drying winds had the alfalfa turned to hay by yesterday afternoon.

Then at the crack of dawn

In the tranquil brightening of the sunlit sky…

With the dew laying perfectly on the rows of soon-to-be-baled hay….Terry started up the tractor and baler.Β  Each little leaf still adhering to the stem, folded and compacted, all tied up with twine.

Making perfect bales of hay.

Dew…just the right amount of dew, is the secret to rich, green, protein filled bales of food.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


21 thoughts on “The Movement Continues — Monday, May 28, 2018

    • The dew sticks the little leaves to the stems. If you bale without dew the little leaves (which is the REAL food) falls off and all that is left is the stem. 😦


  1. Do you know how far away that will go?
    It seems that here, where there are small valleys mixed in with and separated by mountain ranges, that the various types of hay are grown in very different regions from where the cattle and livestock are at. It seems like it used to be more mixed, so that it did not need to go so far to get to the livestock who wanted it. It seems that everything gets moved around so much more than it used to.


      • Oh, that is quite local. Some gets grown near here, but here are no cattle within 15 miles! What is worse is that some cattle in Monterey County (and eslewhere I am sure) eat gourmet hay that might have been grown hundreds of miles away, while locally grown hay may go to McDonald’s cattle in Arizona. The gourmet fed cattle produce beef that is marketed as local and environmentally friendly and so on, in order to capitalize on current fads. We will likely get vegan beef made from transgender cattle soon.


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