The Adventures of Mindy on Friday—-Can You Find, Friday, May 28, 2021

(Here is a secret—I don’t really like that annoying little cat!  But don’t tell Mom)

Anyway, I was wondering you could help me find




So off we go

You and I


We look here



And Everywhere.







Mindy Lou Sue (or Min-Min, as Mom calls me)

Snapping Photos of Earth’s Flying Jewels — Thursday, May 28, 2020

A little Black-Chinned Hummingbird kept flitting from wire to fence as I walked down the long, long farm lane

I found watching it a huge delight…like he was playing with me

Here I an here—see…then he would lift up and flit to the next section of the fence.

Sometimes my finger on the camera button is a tad too slow…what was a beautiful bird is now only tail feathers in the lens. 🙂

Who do I help the hawk for lunch or the unsuspecting dinner?

Sometimes I don’t really know what to do.  So I turned away.  I didn’t want to know how things turned out. That instant where something is one thing, then suddenly something else…I just don’t like knowing about it.

Birds are always awake, even before the sun comes up

(Looking at our farmhouse and farmyard from way over there across two fields)

Our world is so beautiful…full of songs in so many forms.

From my heart to your world,


One of the Links Between Heaven and Earth —- Tuesday, May 28, 2019

I think birds are one of those magical creatures (akin to Fairies, elves, and gnomes)

Who are gifts to us from the Heavens

Since they have wings, they must be the messengers of the Angels

Sorta like email or text messages are to us today

It’s up to us to really read and understand what is being said, by what is felt in our hearts.

While out and about yesterday, Boomer and I came across a little Killdeer having a dust bath. 

What sort of message was I receiving?

Walk carefully on the face of the earth, and be a friend to all…an eternal message always.

From my world to your heart,




The Movement Continues — Monday, May 28, 2018

Although Terry only cut the alfalfa just a few days ago, the hot sun and the drying winds had the alfalfa turned to hay by yesterday afternoon.

Then at the crack of dawn

In the tranquil brightening of the sunlit sky…

With the dew laying perfectly on the rows of soon-to-be-baled hay….Terry started up the tractor and baler.  Each little leaf still adhering to the stem, folded and compacted, all tied up with twine.

Making perfect bales of hay.

Dew…just the right amount of dew, is the secret to rich, green, protein filled bales of food.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


A Smile Bringer/From a Friend—Sunday, May 28, 2017

I saw my first rainbow as well yesterday. It was a smile bringer.
This bow started out as a complete single and brilliant one. Then clouds obscured one half. Then I saw the double one. So very nice. John North
I is a Smile Bringer!
Your friend on a western Colorado farm,

Grandpa I’m Bored—-Thursday, May 28, 2015

“Bored, 2P?’ (the family nick-name for Tally)


“Yes”, draping herself all over the arm of Grandpa’s chair, then rolling around until she is up on his lap. “Could we go for a 4-wheeler ride”?

“How can you be bored; you’ve got 5 boxes of domino’s out and are building all sorts of fences, and corrals, and dog houses?”

“I’m tired of building, Grandpa.  I’m also tired of cartoons, and the Ipad, and petting Boomer and the cats and well, just everything”.

“You just got back from a morning of play with your little friend Izzy; you should be tired”.

“But I’m not, Grandpa.  I want to do something with you that is fun.”


“Fun?  We play chase 2P, catch 2P, fling 2P in the air lots of time.”

Sigh!  “I know.”

“So just what is it that will take away all this sudden on-set of boredom?”


Turning around on Grandpa’s lap, and taking Grandpa’s face in her hands, looking Grandpa very seriously in the eyes  she answered: “I think the only thing that will work and will work really well is a 4-wheeler ride, Grandpa”.


With a huge smile and one of those looks to me, Grandpa, picked up the little 7-year old and replied…”I think you are on to something, Tally.  Let’s all go for a ride, you, me, Grammy and Boomer.”

Flower-hill(an ant hill surrounded by flowers on cactus hill)

“YAY”!  The little granddaughter said with a huge grin on her face and a twinkle in her eye!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,