Sunlight Glowing; ’tis Summer, My Favorite Time of Year, Tuesday, July 10, 2018

I spend every waking moment (that I can) outside. Working in the yard, helping Terry in the fields, reading a book on the lawn furniture

It’s terribly hot here this year, 90* (32.2 c) by 9:30 in the morning. Terry wilts after the thermometer hits 90*.

I seem to perk up.

We balance each other that way.

Still, the heat IS more like August; then July.

The plants are reacting to this unusual heat, by speeding up their growth.  Already the corn is starting to tassel out, and the pinto beans are shooting runners.


Almost two weeks early.  Seems very strange to us.

The weeds are loving it!  Growing rampant and wild and (even in some cases) lovely. Still, they are weeds, and therefore, undesirable.

Of course, they always and forever more pick the worst spot to grow—is there a good spot?

The little birds chatter and sing until around noon when the heat is too much for their songs.   From noon until seven in the evening they sit with wings spread out, tail feathers wide, beaks open, and eyes half closed.  Trying to stay cool.

But my flowers in the yard!! Oh! My!  They are bursting forth in such beauty.  Their scent silken as it caresses the air.

The touch of the sun warm on their breathtaking allure.

Then the evening sun fills the sky with gold, orange, and apricot.

Ahhh….summertime…and the living is good.

From my heart to your world,


24 thoughts on “Sunlight Glowing; ’tis Summer, My Favorite Time of Year, Tuesday, July 10, 2018

  1. And on the other side of the world, I’m getting as cold as I ever do, with night time temperatures of 45°F. I actually get cold feet and wear flannel pyjamas! All too soon, we’ll see longer days and the heat will begin.


  2. I welt at 80° ~ it’s been a very hot summer already. But your flowers are amazing, they are loving every degree of the Delta summer sun. Thanks for sharing your beautiful yard! Keep those pix coming!


  3. Weeds could only be in the right place if you decide to rename them …. try calling them wildflowers maybe?)… except that of course they may poison your domestic or wild animals, or choke out your crops i know. . Count me among the summer lovers as well….


  4. I wait all year for summer!! My very favorite season; I am a July baby and do my best in summer days. Nights here are always cool and quiet so sleep is great. The high desert is dead quiet at night. Is it the same where you are? Your flowers are stunningly beautiful!


    • I’m a winter baby…somehow I think I should have been a summer baby…winter is just toooo much. We sleep with all the windows open, but the nights are not totally silent: coyotes, night birds, sometimes (if the corn is close) the corn snapping and growing…oh I love summer.


  5. I wilt after 75 so summer does me in. My last husband used to say I kept the house cold enough to hang meat in it. I would leave the window cracked for cool fresh air and in the morning, it would be frozen open. 🙂 I can’t sleep when it’s warm but I get we need that heat to grow our food so I suffer through. I’ll get real excited when October shows up. Along with a little rain finally. Your flowers and sunsets are so stunning it’s understandable why you love summer though.


  6. I am with you on this one! I was born in July, so I consider this my season, and I love it (most of the time). Your flowers are BEAUTIFUL! (What do you call that purple flower in English? The one that looks like a distant cousin of lavender in picture no. 3?)


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