In the Spill of Light—August 28, 2017

We are dry here.  Of course it rained and rained all through the third cutting hay 🙂 pretty much how haying season goes. 🙂

But the night air is very mild even cold before the sun comes up in the morning.

Still the plants grow gently larger and larger…waiting for that time called harvest

It won’t be long now until pinto bean harvest….the pods are starting to stripe and the leaves to turn yellow

Terry is watching the crops daily now…checking how hard the corn kernels are becoming, where the pods are on the pinto beans…we still work several times a day with the mountain water irrigating the crops,

The other day a summer storm blew in…not that kind that drops water on the ground, but the kind which drops water toward the earth, BUT dries up BEFORE it hits the ground

Leaving us a Rainbow, in the small silence the phantom raindrops made in the air.

My eyes and my heart reached up from the shadows on the ground — Rainbows always say to me—Good things are sure to come!

From my heart to your world,






The Return of Winter—-Thursday, May 18, 2017

We went from summer-like weather

To radically dropping temperatures and snow!

All within one day!  Yesterday the little hummingbirds sucked the feeders dry and I refilled them twice in one day.  Look at that poor wet little thing.

Wet and cold.

Today is a continuation of yesterday, then by tomorrow this winter storm will gradually move out to replaced with much warmer weather by Sunday.

Sure is a bad deal.

Our hope is the crops make it through…the hay was just starting to bloom, the corn up, my garden and flowers all planted….

Only time will tell.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



This Week’s Sunday Stills Challenge is the Color Pink

For this week’s challenge on the Sunday Stills site, we are to photograph something the color of pink!

I had a great time with this…I have lots of pink around the house, the yard and with the two granddaughters, but I settled for:

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Just a few pink things!

Have a really nice Sunday!


Reaping Rewards

August is the lushest month so far, with September coming soon.  Evening temperatures as dipping down into the low 50’s and the day’s climbing into the high 80s and early 90s, making everything say: “Let’s produce for it might freeze soon”. 

As humans we get to reap the reward of the plants need to reproduce and therefore save the next generation.  The Super-Nova Brugmansia plant has over 65 blooms; I’ve never seen so many on one plant before.