At the End of the Day, Is Peace — Thursday, August 9, 2018

The smoke blew away during the day. Leaving us with soft puffy white clouds.

There were two new fires yesterday…one in Gateway,

And one around Delores, Colorado—adding to smoke coming over the Uncompahgre Plateau

Still, there were moments of the bluer sky and puffer white clouds

Still, there was a rightness in our yard and on the farm

The little hummingbirds buzzed around us as we moved to and fro and in and out

Their movements and chatter a melody.

It’s easy to stop all work and just sit still watching them

Letting time and work slip by like water in the canal

The silence left, after the wind dies down, filled with the buzz

Of tiny wings

And chatter as they vie for places along the feeders


and tranquility, and calm

Experienced while watching those tiny flying jewels called Hummingbirds.

From my world to your heart,


36 thoughts on “At the End of the Day, Is Peace — Thursday, August 9, 2018

  1. Great photos! I would think you spend a great deal of time changing and cleaning those feeders. Looks like they arrested a man for starting one of the big fires in California. I don’t understand the mind that thinks it’s ok to do that. Stay safe up there. I’m praying for rain.


  2. Linda, I am always amazed at the number of hummers you get in your yard. Just amazing! If I were there, I would have a hard time doing anything else, but watching them. You are blessed. Now if the fires would get put out!!!


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