The World is Not Black and White—-Wednesday, August 8, 2018

It isn’t even shades of gray

It’s full of color and beauty and a whole list of wonderous growing things

It’s full of those small things.  Things that are made up of seconds, even moments, filling time until minutes accrue

Each second heaping onto one another; riding piggy-back until it becomes a whole day

And that whole day becomes your life.

Gradually the day winds down and the night comes on

The distant sun shrouded in clouds and smoke.  The last burst of color fills our eyes as the day cools and the sun sinks into the west.

Reminding us to give Thanks for the gift of one more day!

From my world to your heart,



20 thoughts on “The World is Not Black and White—-Wednesday, August 8, 2018

  1. Oh, BEAUTIFUL, beautiful! In the midst of all this stress and worry, you gave us something lovely to think about and concentrate on. We are struggling with terrible fires here in California. We are not in any danger, but the smoke is terrible. Yesterday’s post gave me such comfort that other people felt that way too, and today you gave me something to lift my heart and be comforted by.
    Many thanks to you and yours, and we will all pray for the people and animals who are suffering and that this will be over soon.

    Many thanks to you and your sentiments and beautiful posts.



    • You are so sweet, Katie. Thank you! I am praying that rain starts to form in the waters off California, come in-land, then drench the whole coast line from Oregon to Mexico with sweet lovely rain, putting out all the fires. Then that very same rain, makes it’s way (is our storms do) to us, putting out fires along the way, then putting out the fires here. Come on rain!!!


  2. What an exquisite post Linda, the flowers, the fruit, the colours, the sunset, and your poetic lovely words… it’s both moving and beautiful to share your life and your insights… thank you dear friend – much love, and I hope you get the rain… we always have too much !!!


    • I hope we get some also…even the storms coming up from the Gulf of Mexico dry up before they get here. And nothing is forming off the coast of California to wet the coastline and then push on toward us.


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